Monday, 1 December 2014

When Your Meal Plan Goes Out The Window!

The last week; well, let's just write it off and start afresh!

The meal plan was out the window for most of the week. I managed to do Monday and that was it due to a lovely present from my boys' school of a gastro bug. Thanks! And it went on and on and on . . . . 
Luckily, I had some meals in the freezer and I'm a bit of a prepper so always have cans of various types on hand. We managed to muddle through without needing any trips to the grocery, thank goodness! 

So this is a new week and I will just be recycling last week's menu that was never used.

Everyone's Thanksgiving menus looked delicious! Especially the pies - I really love pie. I wish I could have come to visit you all! 

So as I didn't need a new meal plan, I have been browsing for Christmas baking ideas instead.

First up, Mary Berry's Christmas Collection. What can you say about Mary Berry? Just that she is AWESOME! I don't know if you can read it, but see that little red circle to the right of Mary? It says 'In Mary We Trust. Delicious Reliable Recipes Everytime'. And that sums it up. If you have never heard of Mary, check out the British Bakeoff series of books. I have her AGA Bible put away for when (please!) I am able to install an AGA. Which one is the big question? 

From the Mary Berry book, I am thinking Christmas Cake Bites or Christmas Chocolate Log.

Another cooking guru, Delia's Happy Christmas. The Creole Christmas Cake sounds divine. It has rum, brandy, cherry brandy, port and Angostura bitters. You won't need to have any wine with that lot!

12 Days of Christmas by Margaret Fulton. Margaret Fulton is Australia's queen of cookery. Her granddaughters are now publishing cookbooks. The first cookbook I ever received was the Margaret Fulton Encyclopedia of Cooking when I first moved out of home (dare I say, that was 23 years ago now!) and I am still using it. Christmas Trifle is always welcome on a hot Christmas Day, as are Pavlova Nests, although I still do a pudding. I think I am the only one who likes it though!

Christmas Cupcakes. Oh my, there are some absolutely gorgeous creations in here. I am loving the Advent Cupcakes, Fat Penguin Cupcakes, Flurry of Snowflakes Cupcakes and many more. 

And The Primrose Bakery Book. Not an actual Christmas book, but how about the Christmas Pudding Cupcakes with Brandy Buttercream Icing? Sounds delicious, right?

Only 24 days to go - how are your Christmas baking plans coming along? Do you make ahead and freeze? Or have a big baking session closer to the day? I'd love to hear what you are planning!

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