Tuesday, 2 January 2018

I Miss You, Yarn Along!

Last week, I wrote and posted my Yarn Along post as usual. It was titled 'Yarn Along - The One With No Knitting. But I did not know that it would also be the 'One With No Yarn Along!'
I had not seen this post by Ginny, bidding farewell to Yarn Along.

I have loved Yarn Along since it began in 2010. In fact, Yarn Along is directly responsible for my decision to start a blog. I enjoyed the posts so much - and knitting and reading are so much a part of my everyday life - that I wanted to join in too. My first Yarn Along post was in February 2012.

I will so miss seeing everyone's projects (so I can add them to my Ravelry wish list) and reading (so I can add them to my library list!).
I am thinking I may just have to continue Yarning Along on a Wednesday anyway.

What about you, fellow Yarn Alongers? Are you feeling similarly bereft? Or am I just being slightly pathetic and needy?!

Too much, do you think?!

Now, I wrote the above post back last year when Yarn Along was leaving us (sob!) and for some reason, I never posted it.

But imagine my joy when I just clicked on over to Small Things and saw a little heading above the Yarn Along button saying 'Returning January 3rd!'
Can this be true?! Will my beloved Yarn Along be back tomorrow?!

I cannot wait to see if this is really happening!
Better start looking through my knitting projects and seeing what is worth posting.
Am I excited? Just a smidge!!


  1. I actually "met" you at a yarn along which is how became a follower. Sadly I haven't joined in for awhile as I don't read as much as I used to. Hopefully I will improve on that this year. Best wishes for 2018.

  2. Wishing you a Happy New Year Jayne! Its nice to see you back.

    I hope for your sake that the yarn along is back for you today. I can tell you really enjoy participating.

    God Bless,


  3. How nice you can "yarn along" with the other ladies. May you have a wonderful new filled with many creative pursuits. I always enjoy seeing what woolly pretties you are knitting.

  4. I miss the yarn along too, great that it is returning for a once a month get together. Have you come across Frontier Dream's keep calm and craft on Tuesday or As Kat knit's unraveled Wednesdays, just in case you need more temptation :)