Friday, 23 February 2018

Podcasts - My New Discovery

Yes, I am the last person in the universe to discover and embrace the world of podcasts!
But now I love them!

So wonderful to have something interesting and informative to listen to and/or watch while I am crafting or gardening.

There are so many genres to choose from, but I will stick to a few of may favourite categories and spread them over the next few days (I'm sure you can already guess what they will be!)


So of course we will start with knitting, which also includes dyeing and other woolcraft.

Woolful is the podcast I started with - and I am still working my way through the episodes. I love this one as there is a different guest each week, speaking about their fibre journey. So far I have listened to an alpaca farmer, a musk oxen fibre collector, sheep farmers and numerous dyers and designers. It is so very interesting to hear all the stories and so inspirational. Audio only, so you can listen in the car and while doing difficult knitting where you can't look up at the screen.

The Savvy Girls is an audio podcast by two Canadian sisters, now living in New York. They talk about knitting, of course, as well as their travels, music, etc and some interviews.

Knitting Pipeline is called 'the knitting podcast with a Celtic flair'. If you love the bagpipes, this is the one for you. There are videos and audio podcasts. I enjoy this one as there are so many crafts shared - knitting, quilting, needle felting, embroidery. You will get so many pattern ideas from here, you will never keep up!

Yarniacs is another audio podcast that will give you hundreds of pattern ideas. There are lots of pattern links on the website, so you can find them all on Ravelry.

Now for some video podcasts, which are fun for your TV knitting time!

Fruity Knitting is a fun video podcast, always in gorgeous settings, with interviews and some amazing knitting. The first episode featured Andrea's Alice Starmore knits and if you have ever seen some of Starmore's designs, you will know how much work they entail! This is my kind of knitting and I love that her husband knits as well. Andrea is an Australian, living in Germany. I think you will love this podcast - I am still working my way through the episodes!

Inside Number 23 features gorgeous yarns and I love Katie's quirky sense of humour. It would be great if the shot was wider so you could see more of the garments, but still well worth a look.

The Woollen Homestead is the podcast formerly known as Knittin' From The Mitten. Knitting, dyeing and some other things thrown in as well.

The Charm of It - Eva started her podcast as she had no local knitting friends and wanted to find someone to talk knitting with (I know that feeling!) She is so lovely and shares some gorgeous projects.

A Wooden Nest is a new podcast, five episodes so far. Lindsay lives in the Pacific Northwest and shares her knitting, botanical dyeing and other projects. I love it so far!

Rose Hip Knits - I've included this one, even though there have been no new episodes since last August as it is an Aussie podcast and there are not that many local ones (let me know if you know of any other Aussie knitting/dyeing podcasts!) Lots of lovely yarns here and a trip to Bendigo. I really want to go to Bendigo (Spendigo) one year!

The Dyer's Notebook - this podcast is done by the owner of Gynx Yarns. There are knitting projects here but also some fantastic dyeing tutorials as well.

90% Knitting is a podcast by the owner of Fibernymph Dye Works. As the title suggests, it is mostly about her knitting projects, but it also includes regular shop update videos. These are worth watching just to see the gorgeous yarns she dyes.

And so many more! My list to watch is growing every day!

The Gentle Knitter

Sweet Sparrow Knits

Hey Sister

Fairy Little

The Fawn Knits

Wool Needles Hands

The Girls in the Yarn Café

A Homespun House

OK, stop, stop! I could go on forever! We all know how easy it is to fall down the rabbit hole of the internet - knitting podcasts can take you there very easily!

Of course, I have not watched all these episodes. I have been dipping in and out and it would take me SO long to watch them all. But it is like knitting with some friends while watching these and it is always handy to see what other people are making and picking up some tips and ideas that you didn't know.

Do you love knitting podcasts too?! Let me know your favourites and I can add them to my ever-expanding list!


  1. I have never listened to podcasts....BUT.....I think I might follow you down that rabbit hole. Goodness me, so many to choose from. Thank you for drawing my attention to all the above.

    1. They are totally addictive! I have already compiled a list of patterns I want to make from watching what they are all knitting!

  2. I have avoided them so far, I fear that I once I do start nothing will ever get done.

    1. Ah ha, that is the trick! I watch them during my knitting time so I am getting something done!