Sunday, 14 August 2016

Who Loves Weeding?!

Call me crazy, but I enjoy weeding. And at the moment, my veggie garden and paddocks have plenty to provide!

OK, maybe love is taking it a bit far! But I certainly don't dread it.

These aren't photos of my weeds (missing camera cord problem), but you get the idea.

We have had a wet winter and the growth has been astronomical.

You may be wondering why I enjoy weeding.
  • I find it gives me my best thinking time in the garden. I enjoy having a garden job to do that doesn't involve any brain matter, so I can just work away without having to think about the task. So I especially love weeding that involves huge patches of just weeds - no working around little plants and worrying whether I am pulling up any 'real' plants.
  • It always gives such satisfaction as it looks 100% better immediately.
  • It gives me good 'hanging out with the kids in the garden' time. I don't have to worry that they are trampling any plants if it is all just weeds!
That being said, ask me again in summer and I will probably have had more than enough of weeds! Hopefully soon the majority of the winter weeds will be gone and I vow (as I do every year with no luck) to keep on top of them from now on.

My actual most dreaded gardening job is pruning the rose bushes. Our house garden was planted out many years ago and has some vicious roses.

They wouldn't be out of place in a medieval torture chamber!

What about you? Do you enjoy weeding or is it your most dreaded garden activity?