About Me

Hello and welcome! 

My name is Jayne. I have been knitting, sewing, quilting, embroidering and all the crafty things since I was a child. It seems I have always had a love of creating.

I have also always had a love of all things vintage. My ultimate dream is to live in a house and live a lifestyle that is all 1940s! 

I collect Stitchcraft magazines and have started a project where I am knitting my way through them. You can read all about that here. 

I am an indie dyer of yarn and maker of stitch markers, available at my Etsy shop, Tiny Toadstool Cottage.

And soon I will be opening my second Etsy shop, for all my vintage makes. 

You can also find me at Instagram:

Handdyed yarn @tinytoadstoolcottage

Vintage makes and finds @dorothyjaynevintage

I would love to hear from you at any of these places around the interweb! 

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