Saturday, 11 June 2022

Time For Some More Free Sock Knitting Patterns!


Here in the Southern Hemisphere, it is getting cold! So my mind has turned to sock knitting again.

I have been adding so many free patterns to my Ravelry library, and it is time for another free sock pattern roundup.

Let's see what we can find! 

Business Casual by Tanis Fiber Arts, a simple but effective faux-argyle pattern.

Sugar Frost Socks by Marianne Heikkinen provide a pretty backdrop for those gorgeous handdyed yarns in your stash.

Most of us have heard of Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder, but did you know that this designer has other Harry Potter inspired sock designs? Including this one, Socks For The Deputy Headmistress

If you like knitting for Halloween or just like spooky knits in general, the Happy Haunts Socks by Valorie Wibbens are super cute.

Hamish by General Hogbuffer is a chance to practice your colourwork knitting skills. 

An unusual pattern adorns the Pumpkin Socks by Debbie Ford. 

Nutmeg Socks by Tania Barley, another pair of socks with a simple texture pattern.

I am sensing a totally unplanned autumn theme emerging here!

The Golden Gardens Socks by Fairlight Fibers are a very pretty and delicate colourwork design.

The Hemenway Socks by All Knit Up Designs feature a simple seed stitch rib which looks fabulous (and much more difficult than it is!)
And do take a look at All Knit Up Designs for more free sock patterns.

The Mad Mix Socks provide a fun opportunity to use up all your sock yarn scraps (we all have them stashed away somewhere, to use some day!) Mix and match to your heart's content! 

And Cute Hearts Socks are just that, cute! 

So concludes another little trip around the free sock knitting patterns of Ravelry. I have tried to find some with fewer projects so you may find something that is not popping up that often. 
Let's give some of these wonderful patterns some love! 

Soon it will be time to start planning for our Christmas knitting - maybe some socks? A post on that will be coming soon. 

Please let me know if you decide to knit any of these patterns. 

Until next time, happy sock knitting!