Monday, 14 October 2019

Change Of Direction

You have noticed, I am sure, that there have been some changes around here. The blog has some changes in decoration and a slight change in name. This is to reflect the changes that have taken place in my life over the last few years. The children are growing up (and having children of their own!) and I have decided to focus more on my love of all things vintage, both making and collecting.

I have mentioned previously that I have a shop on Etsy for my hand dyed yarn - you can take a look at that here. I have been really enjoying designing my yarns, especially my mystery yarn club. I will share some more about them soon.

But I am particularly enjoying my vintage crafting. So I am definitely planning on rebooting Adventures In Stitchcraft. I have been adding to my collection so have many, many projects that I am itching to make! 

I am hoping to open a second shop on Etsy, selling some of my vintage makes. Hence the addition of 'Dorothy Jayne' to my blog name. Dorothy Jayne's Vintage Makes will be opening on Etsy soon! 

I hope you will enjoy the changes here and look forward to sharing some of what I have been up to in the last year and many more things to come!

Sunday, 13 October 2019

I Am The Slackest Blogger Ever!

Once again, apologies for being the worst blogger in the history of blogging! 

But to make up for it, here are some photos of my new granddaughter.

Willow Maeve is such a little sweetie - of course we think that! They now live over five hours drive away, which is very sad, but we can still see her lovely face on Instagram.

Willow Maeve - one week old - wearing all the knits!
Her big sister thinks she is the best toy ever!
Now I can smile at all my lovely knits!
Our gorgeous girl
She had a rocky start and had to spend a few days in the nursery for monitoring. But since then, she has never looked back and is a gorgeous healthy little girl. Always ready with a smile and such a placid soul. Probably a blessing as her older sister is definitely a wild child and keeps everyone on their toes!

I will leave you today with just this quick post of cuteness and be back soon. I PROMISE!!