Friday, 24 October 2014

Finally - a rundown on Woolly West Fest

The middle of the year was a busy time for wool crafters around Hamilton as we prepared for the inaugural Woolly West Fest, where woolcraft meets childrens' literature.

For 2014, the theme revolved around the wonderful Mem Fox book, Where Is The Green Sheep? Mem Fox and Judy Horacek, the illustrator, travelled to Hamilton for the event, which was fabulous.

The amazing Mem Fox

I now have my own signed copy of Where Is The Green Sheep? Very happy.

Woolly West Fest was an amazing undertaking and I was so thrilled to be a part of it. There were numerous aspects to the event. The Woolcraft Walk involved decorating the main street of Hamilton with woolly goodness. The parking meters all received their own knitted cosies and the trees were dressed in crochet collars.

A bootload of parking meter cosies

Here I am, sewing on my parking meter cosy
Lots of sewing on later and the main street looked fantastic! As we were sewing on, we received many favourable comments.

Next up was the sheep show. As part of the celebration of the book, each township around Hamilton was given a colour and were tasked to come up with a woollen sheep. My township of Branxholme was given brown, not the most inspiring or lovely of colours, but a great job was done with it. And the brown sheep won Best of Show! My contribution was the knitted and felted ears and some of the I-cords.

Sir Manx Loghtan

And the children from the local school made his felted body

All the sheep were displayed at our annual sheep event, Sheepvention.

Last but not least, townships could display their colours in any way they wished. Confusingly, I live in Branxholme at the moment while we renovate our house in Tarrington. So I designed the Tarrington display, and knitted the letters and some of the flowers, along with help from some of the lovely ladies from the church.

Sign at the church
Woolly West Fest was the best and I cannot wait for next year!!

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