Saturday, 16 January 2016

Opinions and Suggestions Please!

As I am planning (fingers crossed!) on opening my Facebook 'shop' on 1st February, I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions.

This will be my Facebook header and profile picture.

This is my yarn label.

And these are the 'spiels' I plan on posting on Facebook pre-opening.

So this one I will post about 10 days before opening:

 Welcome to Tiny Toadstool Cottage!
I am very excited to be introducing my new Facebook enterprise and I hope you will stop by often for a browse.

I have always loved crafting of all sorts, particularly wool crafts. I find it particularly important to use natural materials in my crafting – wool, alpaca, silk, bamboo, cotton, wood.

 I will be offering numerous items here, with the main focus being on my hand dyed yarn. Other goodies will include hand dyed playsilks, hand knitted clothing, homewares and toys, felted playmates, toys and clothing, hand sewn clothing and toys and whatever other crafty goodness I decide to make. I have so many ideas, my head is spinning! Suggestions are always welcome.

Have a peek at the photos to see some of the goodies that will be hitting the shop soon!

Please check back here for details of Tiny Toadstool Cottage’s opening!

And I would love to have you visit my blog as well – you may see some sneak peeks of works in progress!


And this I will post a week before opening.

We are getting close to my opening day of 1st February 2016. Excited, but nervous!

 Today I would like to go through the operation of the shop.

Items will be offered for sale in what I am calling ‘Parades’. For example, the first parade will be ‘A Parade of Hand-Dyed Yarn’.

Parades will be offered for sale every week on Wednesday evenings, beginning at 8pm AEST.  The sale album will be posted for preview from Monday morning, so you should have plenty of time to view and choose your favourites!

Every fortnight, the parade will be hand-dyed yarn, following a particular theme.

Every alternate fortnight, the parade will be some other fun item, such as hand knitted or hand sewn clothing, toys, etc. Some ideas that I already have in mind are:

A Parade of Gnomes
A Parade of Hand-Dyed Playsilks
A Parade of Hand-Knitted Baby Jackets / Bootees / Hats
A Parade of Knitted Play Food
A Parade of Tea Cosies
A Parade of Longies

 Suggestions welcome!

So the first parade will be previewing from the morning of Monday 1st February, with the sale opening on Wednesday 3rd February at 8pm AEST.
Hope to see you there!

Sorry - lots of reading there! For anyone who has managed to make it through to the end, what do you think? Does it all make sense? Sound OK? I would so love any feedback you have to offer.
Thanks so much in advance!

My absolute dream would be to see people stashing my yarn on Ravelry - wouldn't that be so cool?!


  1. Oh wow Jayne, looks like you'll be very busy. I think your label etc looks great. I'm slightly confussed about what a parade is but it sounds interesting and no doubt will be self explanatory when the site is up and running. Will items be sold on a first come first served basis? Do you think you'll do custom orders? eg. Dye a certain colour and quantity of wool. Good luck in your endeavour, I'll be keeping my eye out for it.

    1. When selling on Facebook, it seems to be the standard practice that an album is made of all the items for sale and then once the sale is declared 'open', people comment sold on the item they want. First one to comment sold gets it. I guess kind of like an auction, but only one bidder! You can then comment NIL (next in line) if you want to be the first person offered the item if it ends up not sold. I would be happy to do custom orders as well. Fingers crossed it all works out well!

    2. I'm slightly confused by a parade as well but after reading your comment, let me see if I've got this straight... You'll offer a variety of say hand dyed yarn and each picture will be of a different color and when that one is sold you move on to the next one in the batch and then so on?

  2. Loved the profile header and label, all very professional looking. Wishing you every success with your new venture, I am sure it will be amazing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words - hoping it all goes well!

  3. oh wow! it looks amazing :)
    I'm an "aspiring" artist and it's made me want to draw something for you to use in your shop.... but i have no idea is there anything you need? maybe little thank you cards to send out with the orders? let me know what you'd like, colour options etc and i'll draw something you can use, kind of like a Grand Opening present :)

    1. You are a sweetheart! I have seen your gorgeous drawings on your blog - very talented. Maybe a little toadstool cottage, with little doors and windows? Only if you would like to, my dear!

    2. Can i have your email hun so i can send you a pic and you can see if there is anything you would like to change etc :) xx

    3. You are a sweetie! It is Hope you are a bit warmer now!

  4. I love the header, and the yarn label is adorable, and what you have written is easy to read. You must be so excited. Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much! Great to hear it all made sense.

  5. I love your ideas and the pictures are great!
    Good luck! Remind us to check in on the 1st!

  6. Your new venture sounds very exciting, Jayne. Your header is lovely as are the labels. I think you are on a winner. Wishing you all the very best.

    1. Let's hope so - I kinda need this to work out! Thanks for your kind words. Hope is well with you all.

  7. I think that everything is more than perfect, sweetie !
    I'm going and follow you on this new adventure of yours there too, I love the images you've chosen and the parades you've in mind such a lot, lovely Jayne !
    I'm sure it will be a sucess !
    May your week be blessed with joy,
    sending love to you

    1. Thank you so much - what a boost to my confidence everyone's kind words have been. Blessings to you for a lovely week too.

  8. Sounds really great to me Jayne.

    Good luck with your new venture, may it be a great success for you.


    1. Thank you! Fingers crossed it all goes well.