Thursday, 21 January 2016

Period Drama Challenge

What fun! A new challenge, hosted by Miss Laurie at Old Fashioned Charm. As I adore watching period drama, I just had to join in with the challenge!

I have chosen to a Period Film Fanatic, which means I will watch and review 12 to 15 period dramas during the above time frame. Just between you and me, I would probably watch that many anyway!

From Miss Laurie, here are the requirements:

What Makes A Period Drama?A television costume drama, big screen film or TV series set in a historical era. They could be adaptations of classic novels, based upon historically set books, stories of historical events or even biographical flicks. For what eras are eligible I'd say anything from Ancient times up to the 1940's (like World War II). Also eligible are films that travel back in time or start in one era and moves to another (such as Lost In Austen, From Time To Time, Somewhere In Time or The Love Letter).

Here's a list of historical eras to help you out:

  • The Ancient Era (Biblical times, 4000 B.C.-476 A.D.) 
  • The Medieval Era (476-1450) 
  • The Renaissance Era (1450-1600) & Elizabethan Era (1558-1603) 
  • The Baroque Era (1600-1750) 
  • The Georgian/Colonial Era  (1714-1811) 
  • The Regency Era (1812-1830, also known as the Jane Austen era) 
  • The Victorian Era (1837-1901) 
  • The Edwardian Era (1901-1919. and World War I)
  • The 1920's 
  • The 1930's
  • The 1940's (World War II films)
Now, what will I choose?! I am thinking that I may focus on Australian made movies, as this may bring some different choices into the challenge. So far I have about 40 on my list, so need to narrow it down a bit! Can you tell I prefer period to modern movies and series?!

So far I have:

Picnic At Hanging Rock - filmed in 1975, set in 1900.

My Brilliant Career - filmed in 1979, set in 1897.

The Piano - filmed in 1993, set in 1851.

Oscar and Lucinda - filmed in 1997, set in mid 1800s.

Rabbit Proof Fence - filmed in 2002, set in 1931.

Phar Lap - filmed in 1983, set in late 1920s/early 1930s.

The Lighthorsemen - filmed in 1987, set in 1917.

Gallipoli - filmed in 1981, set in 1915.

Ned Kelly - filmed in 2003, set in 1870s.

Against The Wind - filmed in 1978, set between 1798-1812.

Banished - filmed in 2015, set in 1788.

All The Rivers Run - filmed in 1983, set in 1890s.

The Water Diviner - filmed in 2014, set in 1919.

The Battlers- filmed in 1994, set in  the Great Depression.

The Sullivans - filmed between 1976 and 1983, set from 1939-1945.

Changi - filmed in 2001, set in 1999 and 1942-45.

Well, that is sixteen choices already, just in the Australian list. And I have more to choose from - and that doesn't include heaps of others that I would like to review as well! Like The King's Speech, A Royal Night Out, The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill and Came Down a Mountain, Miss Potter, Girl With A Pearl Earring and on and on!

I will plan on posting a review on Saturdays (maybe not every week!) and will start this Saturday with a review of Banished as I just collected it from the library.

I am not sure if I will be able to get hold of all these titles - some of them may be a bit obscure now - but I will try my best.

I cannot wait to see what everyone else decides to watch and review.


  1. What fun. As a teenager I was an avid period book/film buff. I read and reread plus watched Gone with the wind many times also Anne of Green gables, Little House on the prairie, Jane Austen's writings etc. What about We of the Never Never for an Australian film? Have fun watching and knitting.

    1. Oh yes, good choice! I had to stop as I had already gone over the required number for the whole six month challenge! I love all of those too - I get back to them all quite often, also Little Women.

  2. Hi, Jayne, I found your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine! I have honestly never seen any of these movies, so now I'm definitely going to follow you and find out your thoughts on them. ❤

    1. Thanks for visiting! I really love all the usual period dramas, but thought I'd go Australian as I will probably be one of the few Aussies participating. It doesn't mean I won't also be watching all my faves that I watch every year, like Cranford, North and South, all the Austen, Bleak House . . . . !

    2. Wow, you're far more dedicated to rewatching than I am. I haven't seen North & South in at least 5 years and I do love it so. I need to make a concerted effort this year, I think! And that's cool you're from Australia. It makes total sense to me you might want to share some Australian films with the world. My experience with Australian stories is limited to Hugh Jackman's movie that I'm sure isn't at all accurate and what my sister has told me about the Anzac girls.

      Anyway, Banished sounds intriguing. I can hardly wait to read your thoughts!

    3. I knit a lot, so TV viewing is mandatory in winter while I knit! I deliberately didn't choose the movie 'Australia' as I figured everyone has probably seen it. And much as I love Hugh (see him in Paperback Hero, his first movie, for a great movie), I'm not super impressed with this movie. It had some iconic Australian actors, but somehow, for Australians, it just seemed too Hollywood, I think.
      But I really should add The Anzac Girls to my list as well. I keep coming up with more. I think I could do a Period Drama Challenge for the rest of my life and not cover everything I want to!

    4. I love Australia, but yes, I agree that it was too Hollywood. Just like the same director's version of The Great Gatsby. I love that film, but it either sits well with viewers or it doesn't because it's just a tad on the odd side.

    5. I wasn't sure on that version of The Great Gatsby. I think I will just always think of Robert Redford and Mia Farrow as Jay and Daisy!

  3. Banished is good stuff , didnt get huge ratings here , but most stuff worth watching doesnt. It was rather out shone by Poldark also worth watching

    1. I noticed it is actually a BBC production, so not actually Australian made. It was good but not great, although always worth watching David Wenham and Ryan Corr. Great actors.
      I have Poldark on my list of series to watch as well - my list keeps growing. I have just picked up Call The Midwife from the library, so better start with that.

  4. Replies
    1. I watch a lot, especially during winter, while I knit. So thought it would be fun to join in!

  5. Since I was a young girl I'm so in love with period dramas, they've always caught my fancy and made me dream ...
    I'd love to watch them all !!
    Thank you for this charming post, dearest Jayne, sending blessings on the reamainder of your week,
    with so much love

  6. I love period drama - past times just seem so much more romantic and lovely. Maybe I shouldn't live in the past so much!

  7. I'm into period dramas, in fact, my youngest daughter told my older daughter this very morning that I've become addicted to them. :)

    1. Mine would probably call me addicted too!

  8. Really cool list! I haven't seen or heard of any of these so I'm really intrigued/excited to see your reviews!

    1. Thanks! I think this will be a fun challenge!