Monday, 15 February 2016

Menu Plan For The Week

Linking today with At Home With Mrs M for Meal Planning Monday and I'm An Organising Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.

I am hoping to have a super productive week in the kitchen and get some freezer cooking done. After doing my freezer inventory and seeing exactly what I do, and do not have, it seems some extra planning is required!

I also finally sorted out all my photocopied and loose recipes into my lovely new recipe folder. I found some wonderful recipes while doing this, so this week I am going to cook from my folder.

Chicken and leek pie with salad
Rhubarb compote with coconut yoghurt

Lemon syrup polenta cake

One-pan baked chicken and chorizo
Maple walnut self-saucing pudding

Crumbed fish fillets with potato wedges and steamed greens
Pear and custard tart

Tuna, zucchini and lemon fettucine
Sticky date pudding

Roast beef with roast veggies, honey carrots and minted peas
Vanilla panna cotta with berries

Homemade pizza
Jelly and ice cream

Banana, date and chia muffins
Honey jumbles
Lemon slice
Fig bars
Choc chip cookies
Pear and ginger cake
Rhubarb breakfast bars

Pizza bases
Cookie dough
Roasted tomato sauce

And how much do I love this kitchen?! Is there anyone who would be able to convince their hubby of an all pink kitchen?!


  1. Wish I could plan meals ahead. I've just never been able to do that. Oh my goodness, that pink kitchen! Never, would my husband agree to that. If it were totally up to him, everything in the house would be brown! :)

    1. Our hubbies must be similar, although mine would have everything boring white with beige or brown accents! I like white but not for absolutely everything - I need some colour as well. I dream of a colourful kitchen, not pink, but yellow with a cherry red Aga - one day!

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  3. Jayne, your menus sound delicious...especially the sticky date pudding. One of our favourite puddings is sticky toffee pudding. It is time for me to spend time planning out our meals for another month. I like the way you have made a list for your weekly baking and also freezer cooking. Very good idea.

    1. You are organised, doing a month at a time! Oh yes, I could eat sticky date pudding forever - yum!

  4. The Lemon Syrup polenta cake sounds delish. Tonight I'm trying a new recipe I found at The Pioneer Woman, Slow Cooker Brocolli and Cheese soup. I'm also trying to get a few dishes in the freezer for next week for when I come home from my op. Made some home made pasta sauce with my home grown tomatoes to go with meatballs. Pizza bases are a great idea, I might whip a few of those up. Do you freeze plain or put sauce on as well?

    1. I had been wondering when your op was - all the best, you will be in my prayers. What day is the op, if you don't mind me asking? Special prayers for that day.
      I love The Pioneer Woman. I have two of her cookbooks - great for a house full of meat loving boys.
      I cook the bases plain and freeze them. I've never tried freezing them with the sauce on. Although I did read a post where someone freezes the bases, the sauce, the grated cheese and shredded ham separately - then it is all ready to go. Especially if, like me, your kids only like ham and pineapple - all I need is a tin of pineapple from the pantry and meal done.
      Tomatoes were a no-go here this year, but the supermarket has them quite cheap this week so I am making some sauce. It would be so great to have our own though.

  5. Thanks for thinking about me Jayne. I travel early in the morning from Dubbo to Orange this Friday. I wont find out till Thursday what time it is but it's a day surgery and hope to be out and back to Dubbo by 5pm. (Children have commitments)I think I may buy one of The Pioneer Woman's cookbook. By the way in the freezer cooking pic is that a dead body in the freezer? Didn't notice it until today.

    1. All the best - praying it all goes well.
      Ah yes, I think it is meant to be the hubby! I didn't notice either until I posted it on the blog and made the picture larger! Oops.