Monday, 8 February 2016

To-Do List

I need to get on top of lots of work around the house, so I have a really long list! I am trying to space it out though - if I list it all in one week, it would be far too daunting.

Gardening and Homestead

  • Dead head rose bushes to hopefully get an autumn flush of flowers.
  • Veggie garden - don't even look in there! I will post some photos but I have really let it go as the chickens keep getting in there with no proper fencing. And I admit that I have given up a bit. So need to get the weeding done again and clear it all out again.

Knitting, sewing and crafting

  • Winding skeins ready for dyeing and plan some dyeing colour schemes.
  • Finish Amy Pinafore.
  • Finish Ugly Yarn Monster.
  • Three hours of hand quilting on Miss Ballerina's quilt - yes, this is still not finished!

  • Freezer inventory - I let this lapse over the summer holidays and now I am not sure what could be in there!
  • Sort out two boxes from shed.
  • Start organising recipe folder.


  1. i darent even look at my list lol there's so much to do in the next few weeks, especially as we are having builders in soon to sort out the damp and we have a load of furniture to get out of the way :/
    but it means progress so I'll live with it lol :)
    did you get my email? xxx

    1. Good luck with the builders - hope they get the damp all fixed.
      So sorry - I just replied to your email. I always forget to check emails. Totally hopeless!

  2. Oh yes the recipe folder. I bought one weeks ago and now have misplaced it. I told my daughter last night that if she cooks a recipe she likes make sure to put it in the recipe folder and she replied "well where is this magic folder then?"

    1. Hope you find it soon! It is a great idea - I just have to put it into practice!