Friday, 30 November 2018


Once again, I seem to have unintentionally dropped off the blogging wagon! And for so long too!

The time has just flown by since my last post.

Nothing much has been happening though - just life. 

I have another grandchild on the way, due 26th April 2019. Little granddaughter is super excited about the arrival of a new brother or sister. Her dolls are getting lots of use as she practices!

This was their baby announcement - cute, huh?!

We have a cute new kitty, Flash. He is a sweetie, even though he likes to sleep on my head at 5am!

We have had some birthdays, been to LOTS of basketball games and tournaments and just lived life.

I have dyed lots of yarn and my Etsy shop is doing well.

I have been immersing myself more and more in vintage 1940s. I dream of having a home furnished from that era and dressing 1940s. Slowly adding more clothing pieces to my wardrobe. For some reason, I adore vintage gloves and there are SO many at op shops, and for only $1 or $2 a pair. I may not have the body to fit true vintage clothing (their waists, so tiny!), but luckily I have small hands!

I hope you have all been well - and haven't forgotten me completely! I apologise for not keeping up with all your blogs, but I will try to do better in the future. 


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  2. Hi Jayne! I love the gloves! Weren't they detailed and elegant?
    Aw, a new grand! Congrats! That IS a darling announcement!

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