Thursday, 26 February 2015

Update on the Year of No Superfluous Spending

As we are almost into the third month of the year, I thought I would do a little update on how my budgeting/spending is going.
I am pretty pleased with it, I must say!
Now that I am making conscious choices when it comes to spending, I have found that I am hardly spending any money at all. Previously, I had the tendency to see something lovely on a blog, click through and buy it. In two months prior to starting this, I would have purchased tonnes of stuff!

This is what I have purchased this year. Included in this total would be things like clothes, gifts, yarn, fabric, books, DVDs, anything extra to necessities.

This wrap around skirt - from Vinnies Op Shop. Still had the price tag from the shop of $29.95. Vinnies had priced it at $4, but it was on the half price rack, so I got it for $2! Yay me!

Two gift boxes for 50c each - Salvos Op Shop. The silver one was used for the tea party set for a birthday party.
Rubber duck still in packet for 50c - Cuddlepie really wanted this for his bath!
Cupcake pyjama pants for $3 - I don't think they have even been worn. They are a size 18, so I will cut them to use for some sort of kitchen related sewing. Not sure what yet!

I reel of mauve sewing thread - $3.25 - to make the apron and tea bags for birthday gift.

4 fat quarters of Riley Blake's The Simple Life for $24.36 - to make a Mother's Day gift. I could have used fabric from my stash but I really wanted to use the top fabric.

Automatic French Knitting machine - $19.95. Because it is super cool and we will be using it for the childrens' Yarn Club activities.

Oh, and I must admit to one lapse! I did pre-order Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt

Totally not necessary but I have all her other books and I just couldn't resist! It will not come for a few months, so the kids can give it to me for Mother's Day or my birthday.

I am pretty happy with my progress so far, especially as I have not purchased any yarn! That is amazing for me!

Is anyone else on a yarn/fabric diet? I would love to hear any stories or tips you may have.


  1. I love the idea of "no superfluous spending." My husband and I finally decided that the debt we have from school is too much, and we need to start getting rid of it. I think adding a new baby (which was quite expensive!) helped us onto that goal. The thing that I have the most trouble paring down - books. There are so many good books to read, and I have a hard time waiting for the library to get them to me :-)

    1. Books are a hard one! I have so many book shelves and still more in boxes in the garage. I have had to be really hard on myself and not buy any books unless I can really see that I would re-read them or that they contain useful information that I would refer back to. It is hard to deny yourself, but I have found once you have been doing it a while you don't even notice any more. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

  2. I have been bad, but in my defense I was using up gift cards so I didn't really spend that much money. And with numerous babies to knit for this year, and no real stash of baby yarns, I have made some purchases and will be making more in the near future. But it will purchased with a project in mind and not just because I want it.

    1. That has always been my problem with yarn and fabric. I will see something I love and just buy it with no real project in mind. I think I have a scarcity mentality - that if I don't get it now, it will be discontinued or unavailable and I will miss out! I am trying to look more at what I do already have (which is tons!) and not what I don't have. I look forward to seeing all your baby knits!