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Meal Planning in 1933

Joining today with At Home With Mrs M for Meal Planning Monday and I'm An Organising Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.

This week's meal plan is coming to you from 1933. I have spent the last two weeks of Adventures In Stitchcraft in 1933, so felt inspired to research some recipes from the era as well. (The 1933 posts for Adventures In Stitchcraft can be found here and here).

One of the first discoveries I made was this little beauty - Betty Crocker's 101 Delicious Bisquick Creations

Now I will admit to having no idea what Bisquick was, as it is not something I remember seeing for sale in Australia. But it was first released for sale in the US in 1931 and has been for sale ever since.

However I have made a similar mix myself and it is a great time saver. This recipe is for a homemade Bisquick mix. 

A page from the 1933 Bisquick recipe book.
So for my baking this week, I will be making the following (using my homemade Bisquick):

Bisquick Coconut Cherry Bars

Bisquick Lemon Almond Cookies

Bisquick Blueberry Muffins

Cinnamon Sweet Rolls

For meals:

Monday - Mushroom Cream Soup (from the San Jose New, March 1932), bread rolls.
              For dessert, Mrs John Jerome Finlay's Deep Dish Apple Pie.

Apparently one of the most popular girls in Chicago in 1933.

Tuesday - Roast lamb, Spiced Sweet Potatoes (see photo for recipe), stir-fried veggies

Wednesday - Avocado Fritters, green salad, rosemary potatoes, pork sausages.
                   For dessert, American Poverty Pudding.

Thursday - Baked Fish With Vegetables (The Scranton Times, Nov 9 1933).

Friday - Porcupine Meatballs with spaghetti

Saturday - One Pot Pork Chop Supper, creamed spinach, ginger/honey carrots

Sunday - Hungry Hobo Beans Bake, green salad, roast root vegetables.
           For dessert, Grandma's Great Depression Cake

This would have to be the most amazing recipe book I have ever seen! I think the blog post title says it all - they sure don't make recipe books like they used to!

A recipe book in a stamped aluminium Art Deco binder - yes please!

If I had some persimmons, I would so be making this recipe. It is Preserved Whole Persimmons from the Sunset All-Western Cook Book. 

I found it at this wonderful blog, Lost American Recipes. Well worth a look - I quite like the sound of the Parsnips Stewed in Dark Beer from 1627.

You must read this hilarious blog post about a recipe that won a prize in an Australian Women's Weekly prize in 1933. I will agree that a recipe involving spaghetti and tomato sauce in a pastry case does not sound appetizing! I don't think I'll be trying it!

And a bit of fun, as 1933 saw Prohibition in the US repealed - some Repeal Day cocktails.

Have a delicious week!

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