Sunday, 26 April 2015

On To Stitchcraft November 1933

Time to move on to our next issue of Stitchcraft - November 1933. Here is where I purchased the magazine in a PDF.

There are some lovely womens' knits in this issue. But the models are all so thin! I know that is just how everyone was then, but it is disconcerting, to say the least, to think that you are enormous compared to their standards!

The simple coat jumper is made in pale blue with white ribbing and collar.

'A new crepe wool is used for this exceedingly smart jumper - vivid apple green in the original. The charming little rib pattern, shown full size in the close-up, is very simple to knit.'

My thoughts exactly! When I first saw this, I loved it, except for the rolled shoulders. Then I read the introductory paragraph and yay, they are detachable!

This is the swagger coat I mentioned in a previous post. Very stylish.

 And for the younger set. 

'Your schoolgirl daughter will look and feel her best in this trim suit - navy blue, with touches of white and red.'

Lux advertisement
Lovely fashion ad from Corot of London
I found this great resource while looking for yarn substitutes - Old yarns and their equivalent plys from Louisa Amelia Jane. Lovely vintage blog, full of information and wonderful photos.

Now for this issue's knit, I am trying to decide between the shoulder roll jumper (without the shoulder rolls!) and the simple coat jumper. 
What do you think?!

I won't be stash busting on this knit as I do not have enough 3ply to make a woman's jumper! I wonder what colour you would suggest as well?


  1. These Stitchcraft magazines are wonderful. I don't think I'd ever finish a woman's jumper in 3ply but these patterns are all fab. I'll look forward to seeing what you decide to make. I like the coat jumper but, given how much work either would be, I think the shoulder one might be nicer as you'd have something more unique to show for your time and, with the coat jumper, you could probably find a similar pattern in thicker yarn that would knit up more quickly. I'm biased in this, though, because I always feel there is never enough time! As for the model's figures - I console myself with the idea that they all wearing corsets! Happy knitting :)

    1. That is true - I do like the shoulder jumper as it is quite unique.
      I have heard corsets are coming back! There was a lot of controversy about the new Cinderella movie as she wears a corset which makes her figure look so unrealistic. Comfort over fashion!

  2. Me thinks perhaps that I won't be eating for a while. I am drooling over these gorgeous photos. I love the swagger coat. These books are divine, as are the stylish models posing in their oh so chic manner.

    1. They really are lovely magazines - and I have about 200 or so to share!
      It really is proving good motivation for a diet. I don't want to fit into a swimsuit - I want to look like these knitwear models!!