Tuesday, 4 October 2016

FINALLY - I Can Post Photos Again!

Ok, it isn't really all that exciting, but I have finally got a new cord for my camera and can download photos to my computer. My daughter lost the cord when she borrowed the camera and I have been waiting for her to 'find' it for a while. Eventually gave up and bought a new one on eBay!
So I can post some photos of what has been happening around here.

Paddock before (February), paddock after! Dams no longer exist - the water is just everywhere.

I have been making new garden beds in the paddock, so hopefully should have lots of lovely produce and flowers to show soon!

And while I am busy moving soil around, Cuddlepie keeps himself busy, making cubbies and interesting building projects.

Lots of little babies in the greenhouse, ready and waiting for the cold and rain to disappear.

The two trays in the photos are dahlias, grown from seed. I cannot afford tubers of dahlias ($8 each!) so I am growing lots of varieties from seed. Apparently it is a lucky dip - they will only grow true to type from tubers. But I am not too fussed what colours I get, I am looking forward to lots of surprises!

Spring has definitely sprung here, in spite of the excessive rains. The flowers seem to be growing well, being only slightly rain battered.

So lots of pretty flowers in vases have been gracing the house.

Look at these ranunculas! I just adore them. I have just pre-ordered 500 for next year. Very sneaky of the garden centre - they send out a catalogue to pre-order your spring bulbs for next year just as they are looking so gorgeous in your garden that you cannot resist!

And some granddaughter photos, as she is so unbelievably cute! Six months old now, and she has had more photo shoots than a super model! As well as featuring in every Snapchat filter known to man!

We think we might keep her!

I have gone a bit snap happy, but hope you have enjoyed a little photographic update.


  1. Lots of lovely beautiful colours at your house Jayne! And how gorgeous is that grand daughter of yours? She is so cute!

    Have a great day,

    1. Thanks! Just need the rain and wind to stop so I can get outside again!