Monday, 24 October 2016

Meal Planning This Week

Joining this week with I'm An Organising Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.

First, I'd like to share a recipe that I tried this week, that I tweaked a bit into this version.

Lemon Coconut Pudding

3 1/2 tbsp gelatin powder bloomed in a cup of water
400ml coconut milk
2 small lemons, juiced
4 drops lemon oil
1 tablespoon rice malt syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla

Heat all except lemon oil and gelatin in a pot till almost boiling, remove from heat and add lemon oil, stir in the bloomed gelatin till dissolved.
Pour into glass container and leave overnight till set, tip out, cut up and enjoy.

I served this with mixed berries, but if I had them, I would have used either mango or lychees.

I use doTerra essential oils as they are CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). Please do not use any essential oil for cooking or other internal use that you are not 100% sure of the origin. There are many cheaper oils that are not pure, that contain synthetic substances that can be harmful.

And some more recipes I have made this week.
Lemon Cashew Bliss Balls, Nut-Free Minty Bliss Balls and Jaffa Bliss Balls, using Lemon and Wild Orange oils. Oh my, these were delicious and even better, the kids would eat them! I think these will end up on the weekly roster.
I especially liked the nut free recipe. It is always good to find a healthy, kid-friendly, nut-free recipe to take for school events. But, I don't know about the US, but nuts here are super expensive. It costs quite a bit to make some of these recipes on a regular basis.
Please let me know if you decide to try any of these or if you have some yummy recipes that you use.

Pork chops, Roasted Sweet Potato, Spinach and Avocado Salad, steamed rice
Peach and blueberry yoghurt

Chicken tacos with all the fixings
Apple and rhubarb crumble

Smoked salmon fettucine
Peanut Butter Dessert Bars

The smoked salmon fettucine recipe is my favourite quick recipe. And as I have the school community planning session tonight, I need quick!

This is all I do. Cook fettucine. While this is cooking, in a large bowl place a slug of olive oil, salt, pepper, capers, toasted pine nuts, smoked salmon (I use the cooking pieces one - cheaper!), spinach, chopped herbs as you like (I use whatever is in the garden - chives, parsley, mint, etc), lemon zest and juice of one lemon (or to taste). Toss fettucine through when cooked. Simple!

Lemon roast chicken pieces, grilled zucchini, sweet corn, tomato salad
Chocolate mousse

Homemade pizza
Banana ice cream, probably with nuts and chocolate sauce

Beef stew (or beef salad, if it suddenly becomes warmer!)
Peach pie

Roast lamb, roasted root veggies, steamed greens
Fruit salad

Choc chip cookies
Larabar - Larabars must be a US product. I've never heard of them but thought I'd try this out.
Hedgehog slice
Chocolate chip cookie dough bliss balls, plus the other bliss balls from above. So far, the lemon cashew has been the favourite.
Coconut macaroons - these look like they could taste like Bounty, and then I would be in heaven!

Pizza bases
Lemon butter
Choc chip cookies
Lemon tea cake

Have a lovely week!


  1. It all sounds so tasty. I gave the soap a try and was really impressed with it, thank you for sharing.

    1. That is great - so glad it worked out.

  2. Love your meal plan, and the peanut butter bars look nice ♥

    1. I can't wait to try them - peanut butter and chocolate, can't go wrong!

  3. Yes. Lara Bars are a US product. We don't eat them all the time but they are a good quick bite to eat that will tide us over to the next meal and are healthy. I'd like to know how yours turn out. I might try to make them as well.

    1. I'll post how they go. I am anticipating they will look way too 'healthy' for the boys!

  4. yum that smoked salmon fettuccini sounds so good.