Thursday, 30 March 2017

A Bit of a Random, Miscellaneous Post

I am in a bit of a rush tonight, so am just doing a random post of various ideas and thoughts.

Last day of school term tomorrow. Why does there always seem to be a million events planned for the last week?! Makes no sense to me!
It will be SOOOOO lovely to just relax and 'be' for a few weeks - no rushing to get anywhere on time, no homework or readers, no sports games or training. Bliss!

I read this article recently, What If All I Want Is A Mediocre Life? I would probably substitute the word 'mediocre' for 'ordinary', as the life described in the article is not of a lower standard than other lives. In fact, it describes exactly how I want to live, without feeling that it is wrong and unacceptable. I was just thinking on these matters before this article came up in my Facebook feed - wondering whether I can withstand the pressure that being a wife and mother is not 'enough'. This is why I so love to read blogs of all you like-minded homemakers; it really helps me to feel that I am doing a real job with my life.

Remember when I made liquid castile soap?

I am so pleased with this as I am still making liquid hand soap for the bathroom and my gardener's hand scrub with this first batch. It is just lasting for ages!

I bought some more seeds this week (not that I do not already have enough to start my own seed shop, but I just can't resist seed descriptions).

It is a seasonal seed subscription from Backyard Seeds, an Australian company with a similar growing climate to my own. I think it would make a lovely present for a gardening friend. A subscription can start in any season - you will receive four seasons whenever you start.
My autumn packets arrived in the mail today. Hubby was very naughty and said he was going to hide the kale seeds so I couldn't plant them! Little does he know that I already have my first sowing of kale germinated. I am determined that my family will grow to love kale. It is the only leaf crop that the rabbits, slugs, snails won't eat here (hubby says that is a message!)

I found this book at the library.

A whole book on kale! Some of the recipes I think I could even sneak past the family. Not sure about kale cocktails though - a kale gin fizz? Maybe not!

I am still loving my essential oils.

I have not mentioned them much here, but if anyone would like to take a look at my Facebook page, I would love you to! I share diffuser blends (like these two), cleaning and beauty recipes, purefume recipes, and anything else essential oil.

So please feel free to come over and like my page, send me a friend request here or just say hi.

After this, I am planning to park myself on the couch and finish the second sleeve of grandbaby's Little Vintage Sunday Coat. I am so close!

In the DVD player while I knit will be Suite Francaise.

I have resisted watching it as I always like to read the book first. But I have SO many books on my list that it will years before I can get to it! So movie version it is for this one.

I am really looking forward to the movie version of The Light Between Oceans, as I loved the book. Hurry up, library hold system!

Now that we are heading into winter, I am craving some knitting type weather. I have not started the wood heater yet, but tonight we are feeling the cold. It is that awkward time of year where it is just cold enough to feel the chill, but if you light the fire the house ends up sweltering.

I would love to receive some knitting movie recommendations. Do you have old favourites that you re-watch every year? (mine are Pride and Prejudice, Miss Potter and The Secret Garden). Have you seen some wonderful movies lately?

And to finish, something totally random.
If I had a staircase in my house, it would SO look like this!

I hope you enjoyed my random musings!


  1. Last day of kids at school today...just a little bit exciting. Not so exciting is me still being at school for the first two days of next week. The price we pay....

    There is a lot to be said for a quiet, unhurried life. We have been rather heavily criticised over the years, for not having our kids in All The Sports, or not having pets, or not having the latest thingamajig for their little selves to keep up with the rest of the world. Yet I would not have made different choices, if I had my time over. I adored being at home with our babies when they were young. Going back to work was totally unexpected, but came in stages I was ready to embrace, at times when my children didn't need my every moment of attention. And I get to work where my kids are all day, so it's kind of not like I've really left them. In fact, I worked in Mr Busy's classroom all the way until he was in Year 7. It has been totally precious.

    Our quiet life has led to time and space within our home to just be. To be with our kids. To enjoy camping trips, and watching TV, and playing games and going out for afternoon tea on weekends, while sitting by a river. We have had time for our kids and in return we have landed them into adulthood and they are amazing. Quiet life for the win.

    1. Agreed! My kids are allowed one sport or after school activity each and even then it is still a scheduling rush some days! Once you have a few kids to organise, even one activity each is plenty.
      What a blessing to be able to work at the school. I have debated doing a teacher's aide course for that very reason - I'm up there helping every day anyway; may as well get paid for it!
      Hope your holidays are lovely and relaxing.

  2. It is sad when we feel being a full time Mum, homemaker isn't important enough, not a real job when I view it as a very important job, one where we use many skills. Love the stairs a dear friend of mine painted hers like this, it does look amazing. Love the secret garden, a wonderful book and good film. Like the look of the Kale book my husband feels the same about kale, my rabbit appreciates me growing it!! Enjoy the school holidays.