Monday, 27 March 2017

Menu Plan Monday

Joining in today at I'm An Organising Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.

Pizza - the boys have been requesting this for at least the past week as though we haven't had it in AGES (about 10 days, in reality!)

Salmon with green salad and potato salad
Chewy Chocolately Nutella Brownies - working on the basis that the salad weighs out the brownies!

Chicken wraps
Jelly, probably Frogs In A Pond

Lamb roast with roasted root veggies and steamed greens
Fruit salad, especially with mango and our local strawberries - they will be gone soon.

Last day of the school term - hooray! And grandbaby's first birthday, so going out for dinner tonight.

Pork chops with veggies of some sort

Pasta with roasted tomato sauce

When I make pizza, I will double the recipe to add some more bases to the freezer. School holidays begin at the end of this week, so need to stock up on some easy meals.
I'll also make some batches of bolognaise sauce and meatballs. And some more biscuits and some scones.
What do you find are some great snack/lunchbox items to make ahead for the freezer? I'd love to hear your suggestions.
My boys are so boring with their lunchboxes. They are quite happy to have the same every day. Maybe it just my own mum guilt (and seeing all the blog posts around!) that makes me think I need to zhoosh up their lunches.


  1. We have not done bought what I call "snackety packety" items for over a decade. Some of the things my kids loved were mini quiches, home-baked biscuits or cakes, crackers (like country cheese). At the moment grapes and hot cross buns are in the shops, so those feature highly during the pre-Easter season. We have pretty boring lunches, really, until they get to VCE and have access to a microwave.

    1. Mine are boring too! I guess if they are happy with that, it doesn't matter what I think. But my littlest one, wanting a jam sandwich every single day!

  2. If they are happy that is the most important thing, I'm like you and bulk cook and freeze, for snacks we make scones, seed and fruit flap jack, banana bread, cinnamon bread, breadsticks. Not for the freezer but also tend to make a large pot of popcorn that will last a few days for something different.

    1. I love banana bread! It is always handy as they have it in lunches but we also have it for breakfast. I grill slices and then top with yoghurt and honey. Delicious!

  3. Hi Jayne, I always love new menu ideas. Thank you so much. I also wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my site a few weeks back through the Yarn along. I'm trying to connect with other knitters and started a Yarn time link up at Would love to see your projects. Thank you again, Katie

    1. Thanks, Katie! I will definitely pop over and visit - you can never have too many knitting/reading friends!