Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I Need To Get Out Of Here!

Even I, a self-confessed homebody, feel that eleven days in the house is too much! I am going slightly stir crazy!
That being said, I have managed to get lots of planning and reading done. But there is only so many days you would like to be confined to barracks with no sign of release.

These are the times that I am extremely thankful for my stockpile. Hubby has been to the supermarket a few times for milk, bread, fruit and veggies, but I haven't had to send him with a huge long list to re-stock heaps of items.

Times like these are when the pantry really comes into its own, not necessarily when the zombies come!

Of course, I am preparing for big picture changes in the world, but as we have seen with natural disasters and other interruptions in supplies, there are going to be plenty of minor hiccups along the way.

I am really enjoying this pantry series.

And hopefully I will get out of the house soon!


  1. After so many years of being a homemaker and cooking at home most days, I would not be able to count the number of times that having a well stocked cupboard and extra items on hand in the freezer have been a Godsend. Knowing I have extra items on hand for days I do not feel well, have been way too busy to take time out to go to the store, had a sudden serious illness or even a death in the family, icy weather, or mechanical problems with the car is such a comfort. So far, I haven't had any pesky Zombie problems, but if I do I'll be ready, at least for a little while. That being said, I discovered a part of a loaf of bread in my home today that had gone seriously moldy, it probably could have been an antidote for zombie-ism and cured a whole population of them.

    1. There are always those little bits we miss and that turn into science experiments! The pantry is definitely a blessing. We don't get severe weather here, so don't have to worry about being snowed in.

  2. Having a pantry and/or freezer full of resources and meals, comes in handy at so many different times and not always the ones you planned for. I love being at home but a change of scenery can be very welcome at times.

    1. Definitely! Normally I am a total homebody, but I just wanted to get to the library! The pantry and freezer have been a lifesaver.

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