Thursday, 18 May 2017

Mother's Day Gifts

I hope all the mothers had a lovely day last Sunday. Due to previously mentioned illness at our house, it was a quiet, stay-at-home day for us. We did some reading, some gardening, played UNO, made a puzzle and watched a movie. Very relaxing - I always find simple days are the best. My second daughter works at a cafe and they served 485 meals on Sunday, covering breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea. Very hectic!

Here is one of the gifts I received:

I have named him Billy Bob and he is in the garden bed I can see from the kitchen window. 

I have placed him in the ranuncula bed from last year - you can see some of the ranunculas already coming up at his feet.

And the card from my eldest daughter is hilarious!

My 12 year old son is the worst culprit for this! He always says no one else would worry about it, but now I have proof that they do. Or there would not be a card for it!

Some flowers for the house from this week. There are very lean pickings in the garden at the moment!

Chrysanthemum, carnation, penstemon, salvia, one little dahlia in the very front and some random foliage that I use all the time as it is lovely and weeping.
Protea, rosemary and salvia

And if you have a baby girl to knit for, this is the cutest knit!

And it is free on Ravelry hereStitchylinda Designs is hoping to repay all the free patterns she has enjoyed from Ravelry by donating her own designs for free. And if this is anything to go by, I think I will be checking her designs regularly!

Hope your week has been wonderful so far!


  1. Happy Mother's day, loved the card, it made me smile, very cute cardi, will just have to remember next time I need to knit a tiny cardi. Scarecrow is lovely super cute present

    1. It sure is a super cute cardigan. I think I might just knit it to keep in my present stash - always babies being born!

  2. Oh, that little sweater is adorable! I don't know how to knit, but I enjoy crocheting. :) Thank you for sharing. It was so nice visiting with you tonight.

  3. The clean cup card is a hoot....but oh-so-true!

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