Monday, 15 May 2017

Winter Is The Time For Roses!

I have been away for a while, haven't I?! It is surprising how quickly it creeps up on you - and then you haven't posted for nearly a month!

Firstly, I hope everyone had a delightful Mother's Day yesterday.

Mine was lovely, despite the fact that we have all been sick for the last two weeks.
And a friend received the best Mother's Day card ever. As quoted from an eight year old girl's card - 'I love you so much my head could explode.' Love it!

As we have all been ill, I have had plenty of time to do some garden planning, in particular drooling over the bare-root roses catalogue. Luckily for me, Treloar Roses is less than an hour's drive away (or maybe that is a dangerous thing, as my wish list is extraordinarily long!)

These are my particular favourites for this order, although any David Austin rose is welcome at any time!

Image from Treloar Roses

Julia's Rose is a coffee/fawn coloured Floribunda.

Image from Treloar Roses

Addictive Lure is a Kordes modern shrub rose with a powerful sweet scent.

Image from Treloar Roses

Charles de Gaulle is a lilac blue hybrid tea which has been released for a special cause.

In 2017 the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO) are establishing a war animal memorial in Pozieres, France where the Charles De Gaulle rose will be planted. In support of this project, Treloar Roses are donating $1.50 from the sale of each Charles De Gaulle bush rose to the AWAMO.

Image from Treloar Roses

Caramella is a Kordes modern shrub rose in caramel apricot tones.

These, of course, are only my particular favourites. The first time I went through the catalogue, I think I had $500 worth of roses in my cart, so had to do a bit of pruning!

There are no pinks or reds here, as I inherited about ten existing rose bushes when we bought this property and they are all pink or red.

I found this very helpful article on rose growing, including a homemade rose food recipe.
And I will definitely be trying this interesting propagation technique this year. I have never propagated roses before, but all my current rose bushes are getting very old and woody. They hadn't been pruned for ages and I think I should try to propagate them before they die off.

Do you have roses? What are your favourite varieties, or varieties that you would love to have?


  1. Hope you are all feeling well now and glad you were able to enjoy Mother's day. Love all the roses but particular like the lilac one, my Uncle used to have the most amazing bed of roses, they always looked stunning, walking up the garden path to their house.

    1. Slowly getting better - I am looking forward to leaving the house sometime soon!
      I do love unusual colours for roses - I already have Blue Moon, so do like the blue/purple ones.

  2. Oooh......lovely roses. One could mortgage one's house browsing through rose catalogues. One of my favourites is the Pierre de Ronsard, though there are many others that I love. Hope you are feeling better soon, Jayne. Thank you for that link on growing roses....I must investigate.

    1. I agree! Dangerously, I just received three more rose catalogues in the mail today. Pierre de Ronsard was on my list for my new rose arch. Although it is a new variety called Blushing Pierre de Ronsard - slightly paler.

  3. I too inherited a long bed of roses, about 30x, when we bought our house a year ago. Some are very Woody but so love the colours and scents. I had to do a crash course in Roses as I've never had them in previous gardens.
    Love the roses you have chosen . They are stunning!