Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Couch Grass Is Not My Friend

Couch grass has to be the worst plant ever. I'm sorry, I am quite happy to find a use for everything, but I challenge anyone to come up for a positive use for couch grass. It is a weed, no matter what place it is in!

This variation of the quote exactly describes couch grass!

It invades our backyard veggie garden constantly. For the past three years, I have told hubby that I WILL win against the couch grass and rid the garden of it entirely. He just shakes his head and lets me try. I have been determined that couch grass will not get the best of me. But I think I will have to concede defeat. It has beaten me! There is no way that I can eradicate it - I can only hope to keep on top of it before it inundates every other plant. This is not easy, as I am fairly sure it grows as soon as you turn your back on it!

Do you have couch grass? Or do you have a different weedy nemesis to battle?


  1. We had couch grass at our house when I was a kid. I remember Dad going around the edges with a lawn edging rotary blade thing. You know, back before the days of whipper snippers.

    We don't have couch where I live now...but we have plenty of other weeds. If it's not the couch it would be something else.

  2. I know that feeling, bindweed is something I feel I am always finding and digging up, the quote is very true and made me giggle as well.

  3. Yes, I have couch grass in my garden and I'm sure that there is no solution to getting rid of it. I just pull it up on a regular basis so that it doesn't strangle all the plants. Whilst Googling for possible remedies, I found that you can actually buy it on eBay!!! Who on earth would want to buy it??? Oooohhh perhaps I could make my fortune by advertising my couch grass for sale at excessive prices?