Friday, 7 April 2017

Funny Things Kids Say

Children say the funniest things!

This was in a book I was reading recently - the children were asked to write a prayer during their RE class. This is what a seven year old boy wrote:

'Dear Lord, it must be hard for you to love EVERYONE in the whole world. There's only five in our family and I find it a struggle.'

So then I thought I would take a stroll through the internet - I googled  kids' funny prayers' and heaps came up!

I don't know if these are set up, but after spending the majority of the last twenty years with kids, they are certainly like the things kids say!


  1. Kids are hilarious - the younger the funnier. Our receptionist at school brings us her best moments with our littlest people. Like the time she had to call one of the Preps over the loud speaker? The little cherub animatedly told her "I ran all the way up here, because you yelled at me through the bell". Of course it was nothing quite like "yelling", just an announcement. But we are still laughing!

    1. So cute! As a teacher, you would hear some gems! The Preps are gorgeous.