Monday, 3 April 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Today is the first day of the school holidays here. Yay! I am looking forward to a lovely relaxing two weeks, squeezing in five days away as well.

On the weather front
Autumn is here! It has been raining on and off, so I haven't needed to water every day. The temperatures have cooled down and I lit the wood heater for the first time last week. Looking forward to some gorgeous autumn days.

I am currently reading The Illiad by Homer as part of my long-running hope to re-read classics.

Very excited that my turn FINALLY came to have Victoria Series One from the library. I watched two episodes last night. I was very tempted to keep going, but it was after midnight. I find that a real problem with watching series - it is SO difficult to turn it off!
I recently read the book by Daisy Goodwin (who also wrote the series) and loved it. I am a real Anglophile and British royal history is a real love of mine.

I'm hoping
That we all have a lovely, relaxing school break and a blessed Easter.

I'm learning
To bloom where I am planted. This seems to have taken me a VERY long time to accept and act on. But I am really trying now to live in the everyday moments and not wish my life away, hoping for things that it is fairly certain will never happen.
I always vacillate between trying to accept where I am and wondering why all the positive affirmation stuff, like 'dream big and it will happen' never does seem to happen. Does anyone else feel this way?

So I am trying to adopt this as my new motto!

Mainly knitting projects at the moment - and attempting to sort out my yarn stash and finish stashing it on Ravelry.

Grateful for
A very special day spent on the weekend, celebrating my granddaughter's first birthday. It was a very precious day.

Dreaming of
All the huge plans I have for the garden/farm, now that the weather has cooled down enough to get stuck into some hard work without melting! There are lots of tree planting plans in the works.

Favourite photo
It will have to be a birthday one, won't it?!

Grandbaby with her youngest uncle!

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  1. 'Bloom where I am planted ' how that resonates. I trying extremely hard to be grateful for 'the now' rather than yearning for 'what might happen' which as we know, may never happen! Enjoy autumn, I am planning to love spring!x

    1. Definitely my problem - always looking to somewhere else rather than where I am right now! Spring bulbs for you, while I am planting mine at the moment. Enjoy!

  2. Sometimes it takes so much longer for our dreams to manifest than we ever thought they would - decades longer in some cases. I remember reading once that God can only do for you what he can do through you. Which I think means, if I want something to come to fruition I need to become the type person that can cope/deal/manage those things.

    1. So true. And in some cases, we will never know God's plans until we reach Heaven. It can be hard to let Him be in control when I think I know what I should be doing! But I try to remember that if I let Him work through me, as you say, then His plans will definitely be for the best.

  3. Reading your bloom where I am planted made me think of In Praise of Slow and Under Pressure, I read them a long time ago but thoroughly enjoyed and made me think, living in the now and not rushing through life you get to see so much more, not always easy in our modern world or if you have a clock watching daughter like my middle one! Love the last quote it is true and then when you look back you realise just how much as a person you have developed, your relationships with others have changed and why God lead you down that path.

    1. The path can be hard at the time though! It is difficult for me as a perfectionist and control freak, to let go and let God take the lead. I am trying and hopefully heading more in the right direction every day.

  4. I have always loved the quote "bloom where you are planted". I love the thought that wherever we are we can bring a little sunshine to others. As for the think positive and it will happen, I know a few who live by this mantra, but I always wonder what happens to them when something horrible happens, something that cannot be fixed easily. As a gal who has lived through some very difficult times (as we all have) over the last couple of years, I cannot simply buy into this thinking. As someone who has faith in God, I believe He directs my paths for His purposes, both good and the bad. Love, love the last quote, Jayne. I hear you about dreaming dreams that most probably will never happen....I just think it is sometimes nice to dream. =) How lovely you are on holidays. I hope you get done all that you want to. Love the photos of your grandaughter's first birthday. I would imagine so many fun and cherished memories of this memorable day. Have the most wonderful two weeks, filled with happy times, knitting, reading, watching English series.........! It all sounds wonderful. Xx

    1. We plan on having a lovely, relaxing time! So true - I don't know how people get through the hard times without His help; I know I couldn't.

  5. I adored the series on Victoria! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    On 'Bloom where you are planted' I struggle, too. I very much wanted to be here on this land to raise my family and be nearer my brother and mother and Granny. Well I raised my family and my brother and I are no nearer close than we ever were, and he and my mother have both moved away. Granny passed away nearly 6 years ago now. The kids live everywhere but here. But I am PLANTED for no reason known to me and I can't apparently be transplanted despite prayer. So yes, there is a struggle at times. I'm trying hard to EMBRACE now in my life and be grateful that I can be here and for the most part I can truly say I'm happier...and yet given three seconds notice, I'd up and go away myself in no time!LOL

    1. Sounds exactly like me! Although I am trying my best here, if someone gave me the opportunity to move away tomorrow, I would! Maybe if I literally set down roots by planting my forever garden, it would help!