Monday, 10 April 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining today with Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday.

On the weather front
Rain, rain and more rain! That being said, the whole of last week was sunny and warm. What a blessing for our week away at the beach. We definitely went away at the right time as now it is starting to really feel as though winter is on the way. The fire is lit and I have brought my camp kettle out of the cupboard to use on the wood heater. Bliss!

Do not expect anything deep here - I am definitely in holiday reading mode! Lots of light, enjoyable reading. Last week I made my way through three books - it is amazing how much reading you can do when you are not worrying about the laundry (that has definitely caught me now though!) and you are only cleaning a teeny tiny cabin. And the boys were happy to dig in the sand and explore rock pools for hours.

So I read:
Threads of Love by Judith Miller - historical romance in which a young girl is sent to be a nanny for children who have lost their parents. You can guess what happens! Enjoyable easy read.

The Chocolate Tin by Fiona McIntosh - historical romance set during and after WWI in England. Based around the chocolate tins that were sent as Christmas gifts to the British soldiers by Princess Mary. This became very much a side story though to the life of the main character. Very enjoyable read as it twisted off in a whole new direction, which, although predictable, was well written and kept you in suspense. I am looking at the library for some more of this author's books.

The Fence by Meredith Jaffe - written in 2016 and set in this time. Wicked humour in this one - loved it. Kept my interest the whole way through. Based on new neighbours and their argument over a new fence between their properties, which rapidly escalates into a full-on war. Such a simple subject choice but it is used to show how our behaviour can be so ridiculous at times. The ending is brilliant.

The Accidental Time Traveller by Sharon Griffiths - sort of a historical romance I guess, as the main character travels back in time to the 1950s. I am only halfway through this one and it is not grabbing me as much as other books. That being said, I am still finding it enjoyable, especially all the little slip ups Rosie makes in mentioning things from the twenty first century that just weren't talked about in the 50s.

I am still watching Victoria. I didn't get a chance to watch any while we were away and it is due back at the library. Looks like I am in for some marathon nights!

I'm hoping
To be able to convince my family that devices are not all that necessary! Unfortunately hubby included. There have been numerous books published about going back and living without modern technology of whatever sort, and believe me, I have probably read them all! Even in the book I am currently reading, The Accidental Time Traveller, in which the main character is a reporter, she admits that it is not a detriment to not have news feeds constantly at your fingertips. It is actually a blessing and makes for a much calmer workplace.
But the boys have literally become addicted to their devices and I can pretty much source any arguing directly to either phones, Xbox or TV - sharing them, who is on when, that sort of thing. I would love to call a complete withdrawal of all devices but hubby isn't on board for that (although he can see the problems they cause), so it will have to be a time-based withdrawal.

I don't know when this statistic is from, but I would say it would be a higher percentage than that and it is affecting them younger and younger.

How do you all manage device time?

I'm learning
I'm trying to learn how to simplify my life and rid myself of all the extra baggage, whether it is physical (think decluttering!) or mental (worrying over nothing, getting depressed over things I can't change, etc).

This will be a long work in progress!

I took knitting away with me, but I actually didn't even get it out of the bag. Must be the first time ever! As mentioned above, I mainly read. So still knitting away at a few bits and pieces and sorting out yarn.

And I will try not to do this (but let's be honest, I probably will!)

Grateful for
My lovely little house and farm. It is always lovely to go away, but I find it equally lovely to come home again. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am and complain about it being too small (especially as oldest daughter is asking if she can move home again to save money!), but it is a gorgeous little house and I have a whole eight acres to play with.

I am definitely guilty of hitting the boys with that old chestnut - 'be grateful, there are children that have nothing.' But I also have to remind myself of that and make sure I am being thankful.

Dreaming of
Same as last week - always dreaming of my farm plans! Lots of colour planned, so many flowers in my head. Happiness is lots of flowers!

Favourite photo
Rock pools at Point Lonsdale.

Devotional, scripture, key verse

Not really a verse; just something to remember!

Have a blessed week, everyone!


  1. Oh yes.....happiness is lots and lots and lots of flowers. How wonderful to escape to the beach for a week. Your week away sounds idyllic. My you certainly read a lot of books. I like the look of "The Fence". How many arguments and 'wars' has a fence between neighbours started. Your little home sounds beautiful and wonderfully homely. How lovely you have 8 acres to play with. So love the "God is Good All the Time" quote. Something to reflect upon every day. Have a lovely week, lovely Jayne. Enjoy the last week of your holidays.

    1. Yes, I can tell flowers are happiness to you also! The Fence is an Australian book too, set in Sydney. I wish you a lovely week also and a blessed Easter.

  2. The rock pools at Point Lonsdale looks like a beautiful and relaxing place to be. That's a very good quote about being thankful. What a high percentage of college students relying on their electronic devices. How times have changed since I was in college.

    1. It was lovely. Thank you for visiting!

  3. Rock pools are always such an adventure! I should have gone looking for some last week, when we were at Phillip Island. But I was too busy reading, too. Three books in five days, and I had to buy a crossword puzzle magazine thing because I finished the books before we came home!

    1. Sounds like me! I had a half a book left when we left to come home - phew, made it! I do not like running out of reading!

  4. I really enjoyed your HHM post and writing style! I am now subscribed! :) Thank you for also visiting my blog yesterday.
    Device time is so hard to break. We just recently got to the point where we have no devices allowed for a certain amount of time and enjoy reading time several nights a week. I wish it happened every night though instead of just once or twice a week but it's progress.
    We also get out our board games and card games at least once a week and all have fun with that. It has definitely been an adjustment, but my kids were arguing too much over television and games so we had to really cut back. There were plenty of grumbles about it but they now really look forward to game nights as a family!
    The rock pool pictures are lovely!

    1. Thank you! I am following you also. I think I just need to be tough and force no device time. I have made suggestions to no avail! That is what I find, that there is way less arguing when there are no devices on.