Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My Top Ten Essential Oils

I want only the best, most effective, safest and purest support for my family. They deserve it! This is why I have chosen to replace so many of our health, beauty and cleaning needs with essential oils.
I LOVE these oils! 100% pure, no hidden fillers, synthetics or sprays, and sourced where the plants grow best, through ethical treatment of the growers and communities. An empowering health alternative. 
Everyone likes a top ten list, right? And I love my essential oils. So here is my list of my top ten favourite essential oils and why.

I'm only going to select from single oils, not the blends. Although all the blends are wonderful and I use them all the time.

1. Lemon

You cannot go past the basics and you definitely need Lemon essential oil in your life!

Lemon, like all the citrus oils, is uplifting and energising and is a great mood enhancer. It can overcome mental fatigue and help in decision-making. Lemon is calming for someone who is emotionally overwrought and helps to instill a positive mindset. Diffuse Lemon in the morning, either alone or in a blend, and you can't go wrong! It will also act as an air purifier.
Lemon has powerful purifying and cleansing qualities as it is antimicrobial and antiseptic. Use it to make your own bathroom cleaners, dish soap, laundry detergent, carpet cleaners and more. I will be sharing some recipes for the cleaners I make in future posts.
Healthwise, Lemon acts as an astringent so is particularly good for teenage acne. It is an excellent detoxifying oil and can help to clear phlegm and treating the symptoms of coughs and colds when diffused, especially if used with Eucalyptus.
I would call Lemon the go-to oil! If you can only have one oil, make it Lemon for its multiple uses.

2. Lavender

Lavender has a long history of use in beauty products - think of Yardley's English Lavender which was launched in 1873. But of course, Lavender had been used for centuries at home before its use in commercial applications.

Lavender essential oil could be considered the opposite oil to Lemon as, whereas Lemon is invigorating and great for waking you up, Lavender is calming and useful for bedtime. Lavender is calming and relaxing and will promote restful sleep and ease tension.
Diffuse at bedtime or make a lavender water spray to spray on your pillow or bedding before sleep. Make some Lavender bath salts or add a few drops of oil to your bath before bed and you will drop off to sleep in a heartbeat!
Lavender is associated with healing of the skin. It can be used to ease sunburn and to ease the pain of burns and other wounds as it prevents infection and promotes healing. It is also helpful in the treatment of insect bites as it can relieve the itching.
All in all, Lavender is definitely on your must have list!

3. Peppermint

Peppermint essential oil is another oil with a long history.

Peppermint has a high menthol content, which is responsible for its contradictory warming and cooling properties. It is a 'strong' oil and as such care needs to be taken when using with children and those with sensitive skin.
Diffusing Peppermint will help to clear your mind and enhance concentration. It can also help when you are needing some insight and clarity when planning new ideas or taking in new or difficult information. Thus it is good for use when studying.
Menthol is an effective nasal decongestant - just take care when using with young children. Do not use direct inhalation with them or someone with sensitive nasal passages. Its head clearing properties also make it useful for treating tension headaches. A cold compress using Peppermint oil can clear a headache.
A spray made with Peppermint oil and water is very cooling on a hot day and can help relieve the discomfort of sunburn. Keep it in the fridge to make it extra cooling.

All of the above are the reasons why these three oils - Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint - make up doTerra's Beginner's Trio Kit. I would definitely start my journey into essential oil use with these three.

4. Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Tea Tree or Melaleuca essential oil is sourced right here in Australia. It has been used by the indigenous people of Australia for centuries and they shared its properties and uses with Captain James Cook.

Most of us probably already know of Tea Tree's antimicrobial, antiseptic and antifungal properties as it is widely used in a number of products. In 1923, a study found that Tea Tree oil had an antimicrobial activity of 12 times that of phenol (the current product in use). It is helpful in treating wounds and infections. Tea Tree oil is also of great use when added to cleaning products. I add it to my homemade liquid handwash too.
Like Peppermint, it also has head clearing properties and can diffused to help with coughs and colds and to purify the air. It has strong immune-building qualities and is helpful for those with chronic illness or those who have trouble fighting infections.

5. Frankincense

Frankincense essential oil is called the King of Oils.

Frankincense promotes feelings of calm and peace, stilling the mind and aiding in prayer and meditation. It helps to focus your energy and improve concentration, so is useful for students. Diffuse Frankincense to dispel anxiety and release stress and to promote feelings of overall wellness.
Frankincense is wonderful for mature skin and can help reduce skin imperfections, such as wrinkles. It is also useful to help with minimising the appearance of scarring, due to its skin rejuvenation properties.

6. Geranium

If you are after the best beauty oil, Geranium essential oil would be it!

Some people don't like the scent of Geranium as it is quite sweet and floral and it can be cloying. But used in small amounts, it adds a lovely floral note.
Geranium has various beautifying properties and promotes healthy, glowing skin and hair. Add a few drops to your regular moisturiser for smooth, blemish free skin, as it regulates the production of sebum. Add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner for silky hair.
Diffuse Geranium to calm the nerves and lessen stress. It relaxes the body and balances the emotions, lifting the spirit and fostering peace and well-being.
A little Geranium goes a long way, so it is an oil well worth purchasing.

7. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus essential oil is similar in some uses to Tea Tree, but is worth having for its own benefits.

Eucalyptus is useful for opening the airways and promoting clear breathing. I use it for my son's asthma and hay fever. It is used for coughs and colds as it is a decongestant. When you have a cold, drip a few drops on the base of the shower. The warm water will release the oil in the steam and ease your breathing. It is also an effective insect repellent and can be used to relieve muscular aches and pains.
Due to its purifying properties, it is useful for purifying the air and for cleaning surfaces.
Eucalyptus can lessen tension and promote relaxation. It is considered to be an oil of renewal and can cleanse negative spirits and feelings of conflict.

8. Ginger

Ginger essential oil is probably best known for its use in motion sickness and digestion problems.

Ginger is a warming oil and such is good for stimulating circulation. This also means it is helpful in dispelling cold symptoms. Inhaling Ginger oil can help reduce feelings of nausea, so take some along on a long car trip.
Diffusing Ginger can increase clarity and determination so is useful when suffering apathy or indecision.

9. Cedarwood

Cedarwood essential oil has a warm, woody scent.

Cedarwood has a skin clarifying effect. Due to its astringent and antiseptic properties, Cedarwood is useful for improving oily skin and hair, such as acne and dandruff, as it helps to reduce oily secretions.
Due to its camphoraceous properties, it is an effective insect repellent and can be used to deter moths.
Cedarwood is a grounding and balancing oil, so can be used to soothe the mind and body and promote feelings of well-being. It is frequently used in massage therapy for this reason.

10. Bergamot

Bergamot essential oil is another of the citrus oils.

Bergamot is one of the most popular oils for use in perfumery and gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavour.
Bergamot is purifying and cleansing to the skin and is useful for treating wounds and acne. Used in conjunction with Lavender and Tea Tree, it can be effective against cold sores and shingles.
Bergamot is unusual in that is has both calming and uplifting abilities. I include Bergamot in my top ten for its emotional uses. Diffusing Bergamot can have a slightly sedative effect so it is useful for depression and anxiety. It has been found to be effective in patients suffering from eating disorders. Bergamot can restore joy and encourages the release of pent up emotions, particularly when used in conjuction with Lavender.

So that is my top ten. As you can imagine, it took me a while to narrow it down - and if you asked me next week, my top ten may be different!

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils or just want some beauty and cleaning recipes and diffuser blends, I share them all on my Facebook page. I would love you to come and visit me there! Sometimes there are even giveaways!

And just to start you off, here are some diffuser blends using some of my top ten oils.

And with this one, just replace the Lime with Lemon.


Please remember that while essential oils are a natural product, caution must be exercised in their use as they are extremely potent. Please heed the below cautions and use essential oils safely.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.


  1. I'm not a huge essential oil user, but I always have tea tree oil. It is my first go to when treating some kind of a skin infection etc. And frankincense is currently being trialled by me to see how I go fixing some skin irritations. It's doing a reasonable job on my eczema. Maybe I should a some tea tree to that mix.

    1. Lavender, tea tree, frankincense, helichrysum, geranium and cedarwood are all good for eczema, as well as other skin irritations. Hopefully you can find a solution soon.

  2. Very interesting. Especially the oils that are calming and good for asthma as my daughter has problems sleeping and had anxiety induced asthma. Can I ask what course are you doing? Do you have any recommendations for a beginning course/book for some one to start off in essential oils. Also are you a distriber of doterra?

    1. I am doing a Master Diploma in Aromatherapy with Australian College of Aromatherapy. A good general book I have found (Australian too) is Essential Oils for Beauty, Wellness and the Home by Alicia Atkinson. It covers everything, and is basic but not too basic, if that makes sense! I use it often.
      I was just reading this week about anxiety induced asthma as it can treated differently, being emotional rather than physical. Lavender and frankincense are both good as they are good for physical symptoms but are also calming and relaxing oils. A few drops on a hankie and inhaled when necessary - don't use steam inhalation.
      I am with doTerra, I am hoping to build my business there as the boys are all in school now. If you are on Facebook, I'd love you to join my Page as I have all sorts of info there.
      Have a lovely Easter.

    2. No I retired from Facebook a while back but am thinking of joining again. Any reason not to use steam inhalation? Do you use the electric diffusers?

    3. Yes, electric diffusers as they are 'cool', don't heat the water. Steam inhalation can aggravate the problem as heat increases inflammation of mucus membranes. Heat also effects the properties of the essential oil and makes them evaporate faster.

  3. This is excellent. I can see that I need some peppermint oil for my stuffy nose. I often sniff lavender oil right out of the bottle before retiring for the night.
    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Thanks! Lavender is just wonderful for bedtime - works on my whole family.

  4. Thank you for that lovely list and information, really love learning more about essential oils. I use peppermint oil for headaches, it's brilliant, a favourite of mine is Rosemary and adore the smell of lavender, great for helping to relax.

    1. I am finding my studies so interesting. So many uses for essential oils.