Monday, 22 June 2015

Meal Planning This Week

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With the boys starting school holidays this week, it will be an easy week of meals, with all the boys' favourites.

Chicken wraps
Lemon Delicious pudding from last week as this was a super hit!

Roast beef, roast veggies, minted peas
Fruit salad

Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream

Sweet Potato and Quinoa Patties, green salad, pasta salad

Homemade pizzas
Apple and pear crumble

Frittata, green salad, sweet potato wedges
Peach pie

Roast chicken, roast veggies, steamed greens
Chocolate mud cake

10 Dozen Cookies
Hedgehog slice
Gingernut biscuits
Lemon slice

I noticed at the post office last week that they still have a few copies of Baking Day. I may have to treat myself!

Loving these retro baking tablemats!

Have a delicious week!


  1. Sounds like a week of great meals! I haven't made homemade pizza for awhile, will have to make it again soon. : )

    I'm your neighbor at the 'Good Morning Mondays' link-up.

    1. Hi neighbour! Homemade pizza is a must have in our house - the boys love it and you can fill them up!

  2. Another great list of meals Jayne.

    Chicken wraps, I need to make these as it has been a while. I make them with homemade tortillas and marinated chicken strips.


    1. They are popular here! I would love your homemade tortilla recipe - I have tried them before without much success.

  3. Here is my recipe Jayne;

    2 cups SR flour, 1 tspn salt, 2 tbspns oil, 3/4 cup of milk. Mix together and sit for a while, but not necessary if in a hurry. Break into balls and roll out really thinly (this is the difficult part for me, mine turn out thick). Use an egg slice to pick them up and place in fry pan. Fry in a little oil, this only takes maybe 20 seconds each side. I put lettuce, tomato, grated cheese and sometimes grated carrot and top with marinated cooked chicken. (marinade is soy sauce, honey and garlic) and mayo. Now try and wrap lol!

    Add whatever toppings you want. I see eBay now have tortilla presses on there, so I think I might purchase one, as rolling them thinly is a big job for me. If you have a marble rolling pin that would help. My family don't mind that they are thicker, fills them up more. I had to change the measurements a bit as they are thicker, you might need to do the same depending on how many you need to cook eg mostly I use 3cups of flour 3 tbspns oil and 1 cup of milk, for four thicker and larger ones. I am not very good at explaining sorry, hope you understand the instructions. If not ask away and I will do my best to answer ~smiles~


    1. Thanks! I will give your ones a try. I was wondering if you used a press or not as I was thinking that might have been my problem. I don't think I was getting them thin enough.

    2. Jayne the milk you add for the tortilla recipe needs to be warm, I forgot to mention that in the post above.


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    4. Great - thanks! Aldi had tortilla warmers this week and they were half price when I went in this morning. I normally wrap them in foil, but happy this will save on using the foil.

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  5. First, I'm coming to your place for dessert on Thursday night. Tiramisu is my absolute, undeniable favourite dessert. Ever. YUM!

    Second, I'm super impressed that roast beef is on your menu. It's the one thing I've never mastered. Mine always turn out dry and unappetising.

    1. Tiramisu is my absolute favourite too! I put it on the menu every now and then, just for me really as no one else is terribly fussed. What is wrong with them?!
      I have found that the meat from our own cow is a totally different thing to the supermarket meat. It has been hung for longer and is 'meatier', if that makes sense.

  6. Another great week of meals. Thanks for sharing Jayne, hope there are no cheese toasties this week ;-). Blessings

    1. Thanks, Terri! No, I have been pretty good this week and kept to the plan - changed the days around a bit when I didn't get to the supermarket on the day I was planning to.