Monday, 14 September 2015

Another Busy To-Do List

Gorgeous, gorgeous spring day here! I feel so productive - as it is light earlier in the morning, I got up early and already had two loads of washing on the line, the chickens and chicks all fed and watered, all the seedlings watered and the lunches made before anyone else got up. I had forgotten over winter how good it feels to be up in the early morning. I am definitely planning on doing that as many mornings as possible. I guess I will have to stop my late night knitting sessions though!

With the fine weather here and the last week of the school term, it is another busy to-do list. I was quite pleased with the progress on last week's list, although, as always, there are a few carry overs.

Garden and homestead
  • Veggie garden - continue weeding and mulching, plant out areas as completed.
  • Pot up self-seeded loquat plants. 
Five loquat seedlings - the leaves are a bit ratty but hopefully they will be ok
  • Plant potatoes at the end of the week (this is the best moon planting day for roots). - I am leaving this to the next root planting day which is in the school holidays. Whirlwind was most upset that he would be at school when I planted the potatoes.
  • Rake out chicken pen and put on potato patch and corn corner.
  • Continue building chicken compost pile.
  • Cook up wheat for chickens.

Knitting, sewing, crafting
  • Three hours of hand quilting on Miss Ballerina's quilt. 
    • Photograph yarn for the past few months subscriptions and upload to stash on Ravelry.
    Girl On Fire - still needs blocking though

    • Must start thinking about Christmas gifts! This is, of course, a good excuse to look through all my knitting/sewing books.

    • Refill pantry containers.
    • Sort two boxes from shed.
    • Take unneeded items to op shop.
    • Planning for Legoman's  birthday party.  Sleepover with four extra boys this Friday night - wish me luck!
    • Clean out fridge - it has become a bit out of control while I have been ill and not doing the grocery shopping.
    • Sort baby clothes.
    • Start school holiday planning - only two weeks to go! One activity I know we will be doing is making 'lashings of ginger beer'. Whirlwind and I have been reading the Famous Five series and they always have plenty of ginger beer. I haven't made ginger beer in years and I really love it - don't know why I haven't thought to make it before now.

    So now for this week.

    Garden and Homestead

    • Weed and plant out wine barrel planter.
    • Plant seeds of: coriander, parsley, silverbeet, spinach, spring onion, pak choi and lettuce.
    • Plant gladioli tubers.
    • Finish weeding in front flower bed.

    Knitting, sewing, crafting
    • Three hours of hand quilting on Miss Ballerina's quilt.
    • One night knitting on Minecraft pickaxe.
    • One night knitting on rainbow bunting - for front fence.
    • Research sock patterns for dad's Christmas present.

    • Sort out two boxes from garage.
    • Take spare books up to Little Free Library.
    • Sort out baby clothes.
    • School holiday planning.

    Let's see how I much of this I can actually achieve! 


    1. It's so funny to hear about days getting longer when ours are getting shorter. I envy you! I truly love winter -- except for the short periods of sunlight.
      As always, your energy is inspiring!

      1. Thanks! I am also a winter girl at heart, but I do love the first flowering of spring and all the green (until it gets too hot!)

    2. The better weather always seems to inspire me to complete all my tasks, which is my excuse for slowing down now there is a shift in seasons. Have a good week.

      1. I do like winter for that reason - I like to slow down and sit by the fire. But I also love early spring for all the wonderful promise of growing things it shows.

    3. Do you plan to make ginger beer by growing your own mother/ plant? I know that Rhonda from Down to Earth has good instructions. I've never made my own ginger beer but do make kombucha (a fermented tea) that I add lemon juice, honey and ginger, it tastes almost like ginger beer.

      1. Last time I made ginger beer (which must be ten years ago now!) I did have a mother. But I have seen recipes that you just mix it up and bottle. I haven't tried kombucha yet.