Monday, 28 September 2015

This Week's Menu - Very Eggy Indeed!

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I am up to my ears in eggs! I have gone from trying to find cake recipes that use no eggs to finding ones that 'only' use four and wishing they were using six or more eggs!

I have nearly all these colours, although my olive ones are lighter.

So it will be a very eggy menu this week.

It is Monday night here so I have already done Monday's menu. I did lots of my weekly baking today, even getting up early and making two batches of biscuits before breakfast. I love those productive days. When I get up early, I just seem to achieve so much more. 
Yet even after making chocolate chip biscuits, jam drop biscuits, carrot cake, choc brownies, raspberry coconut slice and berry tart, I still have this many eggs!

Yes, that is seven boxes of a dozen, and I hadn't collected the eggs for the day yet.
Sweet potato frittata
Berry tart

Monday's berry tart

Roast silverside, potato wedges, tomato salad, green peas, honey carrots
Fruit salad

Spaghetti and meatballs
Lemon meringue pie

Salmon quiche
Chocolate velvet ice cream

Chicken wraps
Banana custard

Saturday - Grand Final Day

BBQ (for lunch, which tends to extend into dinner)- steak, sausages, green salad, potato salad, coleslaw

Egg fried rice
Apple pie

Chocolate chip biscuits
Jam drop biscuits
Carrot cake
Raspberry coconut slice
Chocolate and hazelnut brownies
Lemon slice
Apple and cinnamon muffins

Have a lovely week, and please do send me your eggy recipes! I would really appreciate some new ideas for using up eggs. 

I'll head off now to quickly stir up some lemon curd before bedtime - double recipe, another eight eggs used!


  1. This makes me want to get back into my meal planning SO badly! And yes, I too certainly LOVE those productive days- the ones where you feel like you can just keep on going and going...the best :). Your meal plan for the week looks amazing- I especially appreciate that you always leave room for dessert!

    Thanks so much for sharing :) Visiting via the Good Morning Mondays linkup. Take care!


    1. Thanks for visiting, Erin. I do love meal planning, it makes cooking so much easier.

  2. Oh it all sounds lovely! We have 3 chickens so often have an abundance of eggs but you have a lot more to use than we do. Hope you have a good week. Kirsty x #mealplanningmonday

    1. Thanks for visiting. Hopefully I will get through some more eggs tomorrow!

  3. Wow - you must have some very happy and healthy chickens! We used to keep chickens and always ran out of ideas of what to do with the eggs. I love the sound of the berry tart - it looks beautiful! xxx #mealplanningmonday

    1. According to hubby, I just have too many chickens! But who can resist little chicks? So I keep hatching more.
      The berry tart was delicious - and all gone in one sitting after second helpings!

  4. Looks like a great menu. Quiches are always good for using eggs and can be frozen for a quick lunch when busy. Egg custard is another good way of using eggs. If you get really desperate you can always pickle some.

    1. I have never tried pickled eggs. I am planning on freezing a few quiches, but freezer room is at a premium at the moment due to the beef! I am definitely grateful that we have an abundance of food.

  5. Raspberry coconut slice! - I had forgotten about this recipe - time to resurrect it. What a classic.

    1. Sure is! I make it every week and it is the first thing to go. I use my good old Women's Weekly cookbook recipe - delicious.

  6. That all sounds lovely, I haven't had banana custard for a while, must make some #MealPlanningMonday

    1. I haven't made banana custard for a while either. But too many eggs and bananas on super special mean it is cooking this week!

  7. Oh that sounds lovely - I'm no good with eggs as my son's allergic so we can't have them at the moment I'm afraid! The berry tart looks beautiful too

    1. Thanks. The berry tart was yummy. Thank goodness for the internet when you are cooking for allergies - there are so many wonderful recipes out there.

  8. You are an ambitious cook! I like reading about all the desserts! Yum!

    1. Thanks! I am definitely a sweet tooth, something I have to try and curb. Very hard when there are hungry growing boys in the house!

  9. Hello Jayne,

    We sell our excess eggs for $3.00 a dozen. We now have regular customers and at the moment are collecting about 15-16 eggs a day.

    You can freeze eggs. Pop them into ice cube containers and freeze. Once frozen pop them out and put in bags. These can be thawed and used as normal. Hopefully you have enough room in your freezer. This is so handy for when the chooks are moulting and eggs are in short supply during Winter.

    Great menu list! Grand final day sounds good at your place...Go WC Eagles!


  10. That berry tart looks simply delicious! I've been in the same situation with too many eggs. Then just let the eggs get low and customers stop by asking for them. I did not know eggs could be frozen until reading the comment from Tania above.

  11. Cooking a gluten/grain free diet I have the opposite problem and find that my recipes use up too many eggs. I have a almond lime and coconut slice that uses 8 eggs per batch. I know you probably cook this but I always find cooking scrambled eggs uses more eggs per person than other breakfast options. I also like boiling eggs for the good old curried egg and lettuce sandwiches. If you get adventurous you could always try scotch eggs.

  12. Hi jayne, hope everything is going ok, haven't heard from you for a while. Praying for you all. Blessings this Christmas. Love from terri