Monday, 7 September 2015

To-Do List For This Week

I could make a to-do list that stretched to infinity at the moment. It is amazing how behind illness can put you. It does not take much to get out of your routine and for things to be left or forgotten. But I am trying to space the catch up over a few weeks to not make it too daunting!

Garden and homestead
  • Veggie garden - continue weeding and mulching, plant out areas as completed.
  • Pot up self-seeded loquat plants. 
  • Plant potatoes at the end of the week (this is the best moon planting day for roots).
  • Rake out chicken pen and put on potato patch and corn corner.
  • Continue building chicken compost pile.
  • Cook up wheat for chickens.

Knitting, sewing, crafting
  • Three hours of hand quilting on Miss Ballerina's quilt. 
    • Photograph yarn for the past few months subscriptions and upload to stash on Ravelry.
    • Must start thinking about Christmas gifts! This is, of course, a good excuse to look through all my knitting/sewing books.

    • Refill pantry containers.

    • Sort two boxes from shed.
    • Take unneeded items to op shop.
    • Planning for Legoman's  birthday party.
    • Clean out fridge - it has become a bit out of control while I have been ill and not doing the grocery shopping.
    • Sort baby clothes.
    • Start school holiday planning - only two weeks to go! One activity I know we will be doing is making 'lashings of ginger beer'. Whirlwind and I have been reading the Famous Five series and they always have plenty of ginger beer. I haven't made ginger beer in years and I really love it - don't know why I haven't thought to make it before now.

    These two books are fabulous as I simply love childrens' books and planning activities from them. I will be using Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer for the recipe for ginger beer. It has recipes from books such as Dancing Shoes, The Famous Five, Little House in the Big Woods, Paddington Bear and one of my childhood favourites, the Billabong series by Mary Grant Bruce. I love these two books as they are all about the classics; I find it hard to make an attachment to newer childrens' books. Although there are exceptions to that - love The Penderwicks and the Kingdom of Silk series. I think I am feeling a post on childrens' books coming on!


    1. Being sick can certainly put you behind. Being your newest follower, I didn't realize you had been sick. Hope you are much better. Sometimes I let my "to do" list get out of hand. Always so much to do even on a teeny tiny farm. I just left a comment on your last post. Thanks again.

      1. Thanks so much for following me. Pretty much back to normal now, but it makes a difference, as you say, even on a small farm. I cannot believe how fast the weeds can grow in just a week! Time to get back on top of things.

    2. Oh my goodness there is so much to be seen to on your 'to do list'!! I am exhausted just reading it. I simply cannot stay calm with the thought of Christmas coming sometime in the future....before you know it will be here once again. I love ginger beer. Sounds like a lot of fun making it. Love, love, love the Billabong books. I don't know how many times I have read the daily exploits of Jim, Wally and Norah! I have my own set as well. As a lover of books of the beautiful binding variety, I came across a first edition set of the Billabong series a few years ago....sadly I had to leave them on the shelf as there were not enough pennies in my purse. They were beautiful. I hope you get all those tasks of yours done. You have a wonderful week, Jayne. =)

      1. Yes, I may have overdone it with the list - but I could have thought of a million more things to add. Christmas is a scary thought - I never get done all I would like, but I still love the planning process.
        I have a gorgeous first edition set of Billabong as my grandfather was a manager at Oxford University Press. He had the most amazing library and, as the book lover of the family, lots of them were left to me, Included a signed first edition of Patrick White's The Tree of Man. Very precious to me.

    3. Such a long list, but now you are back to full strength I am sure you will be back on top of it all once again. I too have started Christmas planning.

      1. Let's hope so! I seem to do way more planning than actually getting things done for Christmas - it always seems to sneak up on me faster than expected!

    4. Good morning Jayne! My list is similar to yours in length :) And cleaning out the refrigerator is at the top! I hope your summer went well and I thank you for the kind comment you left on our blog to welcome us back!

      1. Thanks, Jes! Cleaning out the fridge is something I very naughtily always put off! It is great to see you back.