Monday, 6 February 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining with Diary of a Stay At Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday.

I really enjoyed reading this post, What Inspires Me To Be A Homemaker. Pretty much sums up exactly how I feel. Even though we are inundated with homemaking blogs, validating that homemaking is a legitimate 'job', I still find myself mumbling 'I don't work' when someone new asks me what I do. Afterwards I think of all the things I should or could have answered, but that guilt still remains that I am not really working. Does anyone else feel this way or have you managed to get past this roadblock in society?

I'm not ashamed to be old fashioned, not when I look around me and see what being a modern woman means in these times.  I'm a homebody, I always have been and I don't think that will ever change.

Embrace your life as a homemaker, friends.  You ARE important and what you DO is necessary.

(Quoted from the above post.)

On The Weather Front
Yay, it is raining! Started last night and still raining. I am happy to not have to water the garden today. And the paddocks are already starting to grow some green patches.

I haven't done a great deal of reading this week as I have been spending time sorting through magazines. It is always fun to look through old craft magazines and I have loads! I am trying to declutter and am looking through them to see which ones are worth keeping. So far, I have started on my collection of knitting magazines, mainly Simply Knitting and Knit Today. Both are British magazines (my favourites!) and have great patterns, especially toys.

We are re-watching the Harry Potter series - last night, The Chamber of Secrets. I am currently reading them aloud, again, to the next child. So they are allowed to watch the movie once we have read the book.

I'm Hoping
My second daughter is leaving this week to head for university. She will be staying on campus residence. The uni is nearly three hours drive away, so it will be a big change for her. I'm hoping that she settles in well and has an enjoyable and successful year.

I'm Learning
In my Adventures In Stitchcraft series, I am attempting to re-size vintage knitting patterns. I am hoping to learn how to do this successfully!

As above, re-sizing patterns. I am still knitting my heat mat (finished photos by Wednesday's Yarn Along!) I am also planning on sewing some cloth napkins for the table.

Grateful For
I would have to say the rain! Especially as reading back my last week's post, I said I was dreaming of rain!

Dreaming Of
Lots of yarn dyeing ideas. I have not done any dyeing for a long time and am looking forward to trying some new colourways.

Favourite Photo
One from the archives.

Mr 12 and Mr 8 - um, Mr 12 is now taller than me!

Mr 8

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  1. My wee boytjies are both taller than me now they are 16 and 18. The younger being tall enough to lean down and 'pop a kiss' on the top of my head ... we think he may have some giraffe DNA in him somewhere!

    1. Mine can just about do that too - at 12! He is also taller than his teacher.

  2. Hope your daughter settles into life at University and enjoys the start of her new life, exciting times for her.

    1. We dropped him off yesterday, at her tiny little shoebox room! But she will have a great time (as long as she studies as well!)

  3. Another lovely post! That's great that your area is getting some rain...we've had some light showers here during the night and early this morning and I think with the breeze that's blown up, it's cooled the weather a bit...phew!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

    1. Thanks for visiting again! Thank goodness, the wind has turned to the south here too and cooled down quite a bit. It was so hot very early this morning, but better now.