Friday, 3 February 2017

My Favourite Beautiful Blogs

Some blogs are just so amazingly gorgeous to look at that I can't help spending hours drooling over the photos!
My photos are a bit more prosaic - practical and get the job done. I'm more the 'walk around and snap a few random photos' kind of person. Maybe with all the boys in school now, I will be able to spend more time on styling and setting up photo shoots!

Photo has no relevance to blogs - I just loved the swans!

So, in particular order, here are some of my favourite 'beautiful blogs'.

Small Things - many of you will already know Ginny's blog as Yarn Along participants. So there are always lots of woolly goodies. Ginny's photos of her family and farm life are lovely as well. I just swoon over the photos of her children wearing all their divine woollies! I never seem to have my camera ready when the boys are doing anything photo worthy. Maybe I need to carry it everywhere!

Come and join in for Yarn Along - then stay to have a look around!

Jenny of Elefantz Designs - oh my, if you love embroidery, applique, patchwork, stitchery, visit here and prepare to fall in love! Jenny's work is so lovely. And she is so generous with her designs as there are always free ones available. In fact, the first block of Jenny's 2017 BOM of the month, entitled The Love of Home, was just posted yesterday.

Head over to to find the patterns

Sarah Lizzies - Now, talk about gorgeous photos. And if you love English style gardens, Kim's garden is SO enchanting!
And she is so clever with her ideas - such as here - after purchasing five copies of a flower photography book, the pages were cut up and used to wallpaper a feature wall! It looks spectacular.
Kim often apologises for her plethora of photos, but I say there can never be enough delightful photos of her flowers, teacups and exquisite handwork.

Mary Jane's Tearoom - I just love MJT's sweet doll and mice knitting patterns. And the blog is just so pretty! I am knitting one of the dolls at the moment, slowly though!

The Magic Onions - the blog blurb says "Welcome to The Magic Onions where the MAGIC of childhood and the WONDER of nature collide to make EACH MOMENT a precious gift."
A simply beautiful Waldorf based blog, with lots of nature crafts, needle felting and miniature garden making. Spend some time looking through the Archives - there are projects that will keep you busy for years!

Frontier Dreams - like Ginny's blog, Nicole's blog is filled with the most divine photos of her children in their knitted and sewn creations. You may have visited here via Keep Calm Craft On on Tuesdays. I always find some inspiration here.

This is the image I made for Keep Calm Craft On.

Finding Joy in the Everyday - this blog is not only a visual delight, but always has some great topics to think about. I love all the vintage images and especially, Art Friday. Well worth a visit!

Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth - Jess is just amazing! Wow, I have been visiting here for ages and am yet to go through all the wonderful information. If you need homemaking inspiration, look no further! You can check out the A-Z Index for Homemakers here. Or one of my absolute favourites series, the Beatrix Potter Inspired Projects.

And remember to join in on Mondays for the Art of Home-Making Mondays, for lots of inspiration, tips, recipes, crafting - everything we employ in our home-making days.

I'm sure I could keep going, but these are the absolute favourites that come to mind.
I would love to hear your favourite beautiful blogs and link-ups - please comment below so I can have some more loveliness to visit!


  1. I always enjoy the Five on Friday link up with Amy at Love Made My home.

    1. I'll have to take a look. What a lovely name for a blog too!