Thursday, 26 January 2012

Aren't Playsilks Useful?

Until recently, we did not have playsilks as they were just too expensive. Two weeks ago, I found this post and the penny dropped! I have been dying wool for ages with food colours and knew that I could not dye cotton as it was a plant material and the food dye only works with animal material. Heeelllooo, is not silk an animal material?!!! So I placed an order with Thai Silks and away we went! It was so much fun and we did some great experimenting, ending up with all sorts of tie dye / rainbow effects as well as just the plain colours. I bought some of the 11x11 squares to make a silk rainbow fairy mobile for Cuddlepie and some of the 35x35 for playsilks. I have since found out that Dharma Trading are cheaper (also cheaper shipping to Australia) but they do not have the 11x11.
They have been used for all kinds of things - sea, sand, grass, picnic blankets, but Whirlwind found an especially cute use for them!

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