Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Introducing the Cast of Characters

I have decided to start this blog to record our daily lives with Steiner/Waldorf homechooling, my crafts, the farm and just life in general.
I am a stay at home mum of 5. This, believe it or not, is the most recent photo I have of all 5 together.

Miss Butterfly is the oldest at 16. She is my sanguine - floaty, airy fairy, vague, but such a lot of fun. But watch out, this butterfly sometimes has teeth!
Miss Ballerina is 14. She does ballet and is extremely talented (if I do say so myself!) Also has the temperament of a ballerina!
Legoman is 7. I think the name says it all - he is a self-confessed Lego addict. The name comes from one time when he told me he was a Lego maniac!
Whirlwind is 3. He is the one who is currently making it very difficult to write this post as he is climbing all over me, shutting the blinds in the room as he wants it to be night and many other activities. He races from one thing to the next, like a, well, a whirlwind.
Cuddlepie is now 7 months old (see how old the photo above is!) What can I say about him except all babies at that age are the cutest, sweetest things ever. He giggles and smiles all the time and is so cuddly I never want to put him down, especially as I think he is the last. I would have a million if I could!

We live on a small farm in country Victoria. Just 8 acres. We seem to have a long list of animals though!
Pepper - the crazy part fox terrier, part Blue Heeler and whatever other bits. No photo of her as she never stays still.
Jemima and Sugar are the newest additions. They are only 10 weeks old. We went to visit friends and came home with two of their four new kittens. They are supposed to be mousers when they get older, but they are being so spoilt we may find they are no good at it.

Trinny is our pony. She belonged to Miss Ballerina when she was going through her pony phase. She was a really good rider and I really thought she would stick with it. But she ended up enjoying ballet more. So Trinny is just relaxing in our paddocks.
Izzy is my beautiful girl - my Jersey cow. She is SO gorgeous. I am not milking at the moment as I was pregnant with Cuddlepie when she had her last calf and couldn't do the bending over! But when I was milking with the calf before, the milk was so delicious. We had so much; she is a great producer. She is such a sweetie.
Cocoa is her latest calf - she is 14 months old. Izzy has had 3 calves and they have all been heifers. I really would love to breed her with a pure Jersey bull, but I bet she would have a boy calf!

Then we have six sheep, only two of which have names. Lambie (which is not really an appropriate name anymore as they are all due to be bred soon!) was the first lamb the children bottle reared. She is extremely bossy. Rosie was the second bottle reared lamb. The other four are ewes that my hubby bought from a sheep farmer he knows.
We also have chickens - six hens and four roosters. I know, the ratio of roosters to hens is out of whack, but the roosters are all pure-breds. I bought them young and was assured all the ones I bought were pullets. Well, six were and four were not! I just can't bring myself to get rid of pure-bred roosters but I think a friend wants one to breed with.
And I think that is all! Of course, there is hubby and myself as well. I look forward to keeping this record of our lives. I am such a blog voyeur so thought it was about time I joined in. And it will be lovely to look back and re-read all the things you forget in the round of daily living. We seem to be so busy racing through life sometimes that we forget what we are living for.

P.S. We don't really live in a toadstool, but I found the cutest free toadstool cottage pattern that I am dying to make.

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