Monday, 30 January 2012

Heaven On Earth by Sharifa Oppenheimer

Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children

This book has been on my wishlist at Fishpond for ages. Why did I not buy it sooner?!
It arrived last week and I have been reading and reading. The first section is on rhythm and I want to implement everything!
So far, I have started with introducing a more formal nap/quiet afternoon time. The book recommends a darkened room, a fan for white noise and as it encourages them to snuggle up which helps with sleep, a chapter book read to them (no picture books as you want them to be lying quietly, listening) and a candle. So far, Whirlwind hasn't actually SLEPT during this time and has continued his normal habit of collapsing and falling asleep at 5 and then needing to be woken up for dinner. But we have only been doing this for a few days so here's hoping. Legoman, of course, does NOT need a nap, but I have told him it is just quiet time for him. When he saw the book I had chosen, he didn't seem too impressed but he has laughed at the stories and I have even heard him singing a song from it (don't tell him though!) We are reading The Teddy Robinson Storybook. I found this list of chapter books for ages 4-10. I already have a lot of them but there were some new to me that I am looking into. Legoman has a chapter book every night and we are always looking for more recommendations.
I will keep reading this wonderful book and I am sure find lots more gems.

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