Monday, 30 January 2012

Our Day (Actually For Last Friday!)

I thought I would write a little about how I try to do things. At the moment I am working on rhythm, reading Heaven On Earth and following the Thinking Feeling Willing program by Melisa Nielsen. I only joined recently so I am still on lesson one. But Melisa does recommend taking it slowly to really absorb it.
We are not officially schooling at the moment as we are having summer holidays. So the routine will change next week.
This is what we attempt to do, depending on so many possible factors for variation!

Breakfast by 8, clean up by 8.30.
Morning chores - different each day. Friday is vaccuuming lounge and dining room.
9.30 is circle time. This is very quick and simple and not really a circle! It can be a bit difficult when there is 4 years difference between the two boys.
Last week, I started using a new verse from Thinking Feeling Willing. Thanks, Melisa! Legoman was beginning to get a bit silly about saying our old verse - I think it was a bit young for him, too airy fairy. Whereas the new one is more grounded (if that makes sense; I don't think I am explaining myself very well!) It mentions the earth and standing strong and I think as he has hit 7 now he needs these aspects more. Whenever we say the standing up straight and strong, he stands right up and says the words really loudly.
After the verse, we sing a few songs, do a few 'exercises', play a game, whatever works at the time really. I do plan it out but often change it depending on the mood at the time. I tell a story with candle, then blow out candle and have morning tea.
We normally have a picture book at morning tea time. I know this comes right after the storytelling but I have not found it to interfere with them taking in the story.
Friday's story was Emily and Daisy by Elsa Beskow. I do love the Elsa Beskow books. I have nearly collected them all now! And I was very happy to find on Fishpond the 2011 Elsa Beskow calender for next to nothing so we can have some of the pictures on our wall.
After the story and morning tea, we go and play outside. I try to relate an activity to the story so the boys built a twig house under the oak trees (our wood!)
Whirlwind gave them a tomato and some shells.
We have lunch at about 12-12.30. Nap/quiet time is 2.00. Afternoon tea at 3.00. I try to have dinner by 6, but with daylight savings it is a real struggle to get them into bed before 8.30! In between all that is free play time. Once we start back schooling, there will be more in the day, of course! But I am enjoying the looser structure at the moment.

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