Monday, 20 July 2015

Laying Low!

A horrible cold has overtaken our household, so we are laying low for a while. Spending time in front of the fire and keeping warm!

Hoping this comes true soon!

It was a really frosty morning this morning - there was ice on the sheep. So definitely a day to stay warm inside. 

Hopefully my head will be working again in a few days and I can catch up on some posts!


  1. Jayne, that's not good. Hope everyone is well soon. Not much fun at anytime but worse if you have to take care of other sick ones. x

  2. Sending best wishes to you Jayne, hope you all recover quickly from the sickies.

    Ice on everything here this morning too. I had to venture out in the dark and wash it off my sons windscreen of his work car brrr!

    Take care of you,


  3. Sending you some sunshine cos it sounds like you could use it. xxx

  4. Oh, Jayne! Get better and enjoy the slow day by the fire!
    xo Lisa

  5. I hope you feel better soon. Wish I could send some heat. It's actually too sunny and warm here!

  6. take it easy and sit by the fire. It's stinking hot here!!

  7. Thanks so much all! Feeling much better now - more human and able to get back on track!