Friday, 13 January 2017

Using Your Own Containers When Shopping

After mentioning that I have decided to finally be brave enough to ask to use my own containers at the deli and meat departments in this post, I came across these two blog posts the very next day.

Gippsland Unwrapped talks about what the law says about using your own reusable containers. This was particularly handy as Tammy is from the same state as me, Victoria, so the legislation is valid for me.

I am thinking of using the above plastic containers as they are light. I would love to hear how other people manage their shopping.

Our Permaculture Life talks about is my reusable cup illegal.

I am planning to work harder toward zero waste this year.


  1. I've wanted to do that, but have wondered how to the weight thing would work as well. I have used my own ziploc baggies to buy things in the bulk section. I'm not sure if we have laws about it or not here in Colorado.

    1. Being in a small country town, we don't have any bulk options available, so I have tended to buy online. But then there is packaging waste as well as the product packaging. The plastic containers I have weigh only a minimal amount so would add only a few cents to the final cost. Less tipping fees then as we have to pay to dispose of rubbish so many it will offset itself anyway.