Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Christmas Crafting

After receiving a kind email from a toy company reminding me that it was only 53 sleeps until Santa (are you kidding?!), I thought it was time to get serious about Christmas crafting.
And where else to go for the best inspiration? Why, to your trusty stock of Living Crafts magazines. 

I adore this magazine and was totally devastated when they ceased publication. I do not know if there is a comparable magazine available, certainly not here in Australia.

And then my favourite website would have to be Wee Folk Art. There are always lots of amazing projects to be found here.

So far though, all I have been working on are these quilts (Miss Butterfly's isn't pictured as there is not much to show yet!) 

And now, I will have to add some Lantern Children to the crafting list, as we are celebrating Laternenfest in our local community, culminating in a lantern parade.

Need to decide on which lanterns to make as well.

Thanks to Nicole at Frontier Dreams for sharing the Lantern Child pattern in today's KCCO, where I am joining in.


  1. Your quilts are beautiful, I hope you get them finished in time. We made some wee lantern people this week with wee peg dolls they have taken pride of place on our seasonal table.

    1. That's what I was thinking. The original pattern says a cork but I have lots of peg people I could use.

  2. i love wee folk art, they have such great stuff! i am going to whip out a few lantern people too!! good luck!

    1. Have fun with your lantern people - I will keep a look out for them!