Friday, 7 November 2014

Creative Friday

This week, Creative Friday is a special one for Whirlwind. He wanted to design his own birthday cake when he turned five. So out came a sheet of paper and he drew up his design. After explaining it to me (silly mum, that cannot understand cake blueprints!), we set to making it. He says it turned out exactly like the picture in his head. Phew!

He and Legoman had fun decorating (and eating any that were the wrong colour, of course!)

Whirlwind was most insistent that people would love to see his cake, rather than more of my knitting. Can't argue with that!

It is a simply gorgeous day here today - summer is definitely on its way! And my garden needs me!

It's a bit hard to see, but one of our backyard koalas. I will miss them, and the kangaroos, when we move back to our other house; it is a bit too close to town for much wildlife.

Joining with Linda at Natural Suburbia for Creative Friday.


  1. A backyard koala!!! I want one. Love the cake, it's the perfect 5 year old cake.

    1. It is lovely to go out each morning and see how many koalas you can spot - the most we have had at once was three.