Friday, 7 November 2014

Make It Lovely, Make It Count

Earlier, I mentioned this concept as Make It Pretty. But on further consideration, I have decided I like the word lovely, particularly as it includes the word love in it, which, after all, is what we want to make it count for.

Since my boys started school this year, I have truly come to see that time with your children is precious. Not that I didn't when we were homeschooling, but it is really brought home to you when you have to drop them off each morning to spend the majority of their time with some other adult role model. So I wish to be more conscious of everything I do, everything in our home, everything we eat, just everything - and make it all as lovely and loving as possible, so that the time we have together truly does count.

Each week, I will choose some type of lovely. It could be anything - anything that I think may bring some happiness and express my love. Even if it is indirectly, such as tidying and prettying up a little corner, making some lovely cloth napkins or a tablecloth, baking special cupcakes, any little thing.

My favourite way of making a room look lovelier is very simple - flowers. You can't go wrong with flowers, they will always make a huge difference. 

Some photos of flowers in the garden at the moment and some of my favourite quotes about flowers. Neither of my favourites are in flower at the moment though - daffodils and sunflowers. 

A vase of lovely wildflowers that my eldest daughter picked while on a walk. There are literally thousands growing on the side of our dirt road. I assume someone planted them long ago and they have been quietly multiplying. When they flower, they always remind of that lovely book, Miss Rumphius, where she plants the lupins.

I shall be making it lovely every week from now on. 

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