Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Shorn Sheep

I haven't had a chance to do dyeing for months as we are renovating and moving house - into a much smaller house, which has involved lots of online selling, garage sales and generally sorting out of the accumulation of stuff. I have done the easy stuff and am now getting down to the more difficult, emotionally strained items. I know I shouldn't be attached to mere stuff, but the majority of it is associated with my hubby's decision to end homeschooling and as that decision was not my own, it has made the selling of all the homeschooling items very emotionally fraught for me. I take comfort in the fact that it is all being sent on to folks who will use it in their own homeschooling journey. And I am squirreling away a few of my absolute favourites, just to look back on.

These are the ones I absolutely cannot let go of. What would your 'must keep' books be?

Anyway, the dyeing! Once we are more settled, I cannot wait to continue dyeing. I have lots of colour schemes flying around in my head. Our six sheep were shorn a few weeks ago and I have wool up to my ears! So coming up, lots of washing. 

As I was clearing up, I found these skeins that my daughters and I dyed a while ago. Just trying to decide what to knit with them. They are all 8 ply/DK.

I really love this pattern, very versatile as we are coming into spring/summer here. It is called Baby Angel Top by OGE Knitwear Designs

Photograph from OGE Knitwear Design

All the designs from OGE are divine. I especially love the christening gown.

Hubby's birthday was yesterday. This was the cake (before it was iced!)

Mary Berry books are fabulous. I have her Aga book, in anticipation of the day that I will finally install a wood-burning stove. 

Now the only question is cherry, green, pale blue, gold or cream?!

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  1. Pretty yarn! Where are you that your sheep are now shorn!?

    1. Thanks! I do love dyeing. I am from Victoria in Australia, so just heating up here. Hubby went to two separate fires today - I do not like bushfire season.

  2. Oh to have all of that wonderful wool from your sheep! I can't wait to see what you do with it...Thanks and aloha, Lori

    1. Thanks! It is amazing how much wool can come from only six sheep - it would keep me busy for years!