Friday, 14 November 2014

Creative Friday - a little lantern child

My local community, Tarrington, holds their lantern walk on 28th November this year. It is held later in November than Martinmas to combine with the local German festival. Laternenfest is shaping up to be fantastic this year!

So I am making some of the little lantern children to display around the festival. I have altered them a bit, in that I am using these peg people from Caseys Wood as the base rather than a wine cork.

Caseys Wood are fantastic - and they ship to Australia. Which is lucky for someone who is addicted to making peg people of all sorts!

I also changed the body piece to be knitted in the round.  To fit the large peg doll, I cast 16 stitches onto 4mm DPNs. Knit in the round until the right length for the body. K2tog across row (8 stitches remaining). Thread yarn through remaining stitches, slip over peg doll's head, then tighten and tie off yarn. The cloak I made the same as the original pattern. 

The first lantern child has a rainbow cloak and an off white body. The yarn is the hand dyed yarn I mentioned in this post. I love the way it is knitting up. 
I have also started to make a doll dress from it - she will be a cute little hippy doll with a dress like that! I have discovered this gorgeous doll pattern from Mary Jane's Tearoom. Her patterns are so adorable. 

Don't look too closely at the lantern! I just made a very quick one to take the photo - we will play around on the weekend with some different lantern designs.

And some other colours for more lantern children.

I just love how these turned out. 

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  1. Love!!!! I wish I had a lantern festival to attend!

  2. I will definitely be posting photos from the walk. This will be the first time we have attended the actual lantern walk. Being daylight savings here, it doesn't get dark until 9.00 and it was always a bit much for littles! It would be nice to do one in the Northern Hemisphere at a decent time!

  3. Beautiful! I love that you are using your hand dyed yarn with it. Thank you for joining Fiber Arts Friday!

    1. Thanks! I just love dyeing - can't get enough of it!