Friday, 21 November 2014

Creative Friday - Some Cross Stitch and Embroidery

Linking over at Natural Suburbia today for Creative Friday.

I really love cross stitch, but it is something that I never seem to get to. I have been stitching away at this design for years. I really love the Amish designs - I have the whole set that, one of these days, I will finish.

I have also been working on these embroidery designs from Red Brolly that were given to me. Normally I wouldn't use stamped designs. 

Not sure what I am going to do with them yet. Maybe a project bag?
And do head over and check out the Red Brolly website - it is awesome! I particularly need to make the Felt fairy mushroom house pincushion, except it would be a toadstool, of course! And the Family Sampler, which is an embroidery of the Holy Family. 

Hope you are having a creative Friday. Not many Fridays left until Christmas. In fact, as I write this it is 33 days, 22 hours, 52 mins and 10 secs until Christmas! How do I know this? The Xmas Clock told me so!


  1. Such beautiful embroidery! I've a few patterns that I meant to make and put into a quilt but I never got round to it, I might dig them out and make a start this weekend.

  2. Thank you. Finding that embroidery has made me want to do some more too. I love searching for the vintage patterns, like the Days of the Week tea towels one.

  3. I love cross stitching, too! Thank you for the link to Red Brolly....such an adorable site. Now I want to make Family Sampler, too. :) Happy weekend.

    1. Red Brolly is fabulous! Linking to it reminded me to have another look and I found some more things I want to make! Much as I love cross stitch, I need some quicker embroidery projects for Christmas.