Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Vintage Inspired Love Your Library Challenge

Not much has been done of my Library Challenges from previous weeks - the shawl, I think I have added maybe two rows - the little dress, well I haven't even cast on!
But I am getting more organised, and that was the goal for February! And I have found some old treasures that I had completely forgotten were there.

I really love vintage patterns and although these books aren't vintage, they have a vintage style to them. I really wish I had noticed the Knit For Victory 1940s Inspired Knit-Along when that was running during 2013. I have been reading through the posts and finding some wonderful inspiration though. I SO wish Tasha would start another of these knit-alongs!

I especially love women's sweater patterns in 4 ply. I know, I know, they take forever to knit, but they just look so gorgeous.

First book is the Classic Garden Collection Book Two by Rowan. All the designs are knitted in either Cashsoft or Cashcotton 4 ply. It was published in 2005, so I guess I haven't had it that long - it has been stored in a box though so I haven't seen it.
These are the designs I am particularly drawn to, although I like them all.

 Traditional Knitting is an Australian publication from 1991. 

Some of the designs are dated but there are some lovely Aran designs and I particularly like this colourwork design. It looks fairly simple and is knitted in 5 ply.

 And this Better Homes and Gardens book published in 2003. 

Of course I love the pink baby dress on the front cover, but I am trying to look at knitting for me today (something I hardly ever do).

The jacket is knitted in 8 ply or DK using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, which is 80% cotton, 20% merino wool.
The cable and Fair Isle set are knitted in worsted weight.

Now I wonder if I will actually have a chance to make any of these this year?! Hmmm, probably not, but it was lovely to have a better look through my library and be reminded of just what is there. 

Hopefully I will get some more knitting achieved this week than last, although if you look through my other posts you will see I was just working on other projects - sewing and felting namely.


  1. Half the problem with going through my library has been finding things I want to knit NOW!!

    1. Yes, I am getting a huge pile/list of patterns that would take me years to knit! And I just picked all my mum's old Stitchcraft magazines!