Monday, 9 February 2015

Some Exciting Ravelry Discoveries

Well, The Year of No Superfluous Spending has been progressing nicely. There was no yarn spending or book spending (wow, that was hard!) and I only bought a skirt and a top from the op shop for a total of $5. Consequently, for January, I was able to save half of hubby's salary for the month. I was pretty pleased with that!

As I am not spending any money on new knitting patterns, I was very pleased to find the Carry Along KAL group on Ravelry. A big thank you to Kittens With Mittens for this post mentioning the group.
Each month, group members post a list of patterns and then vote for the three most popular. The patterns must all be free on Ravelry, which is why I think this is the bees' knees! A group where lots of people are searching through the free Ravelry patterns and collecting them in one place - excellent! 
And as I was looking through prior nominations, I found a wonderful, amazing designer that I had never come across before. You absolutely must check her out! 

Ravelry page - where she talks about clothing security. This is something that doesn't seem to rate much of a mention, but it has been on my mind for a while. India Flint is a real inspiration in this field as well. 

We Will Tell You All Of Our Secrets - blog / website. 

Etsy shop - for gorgeous yarn and other goodies.
I particularly love this yarn.

But just take a lot at the patterns! I want to cast on so many of them right away!

And how exciting is this? This wonderful lady designed the Emma blanket for the TV series Once Upon A Time. I love that show!

All in all, I am pretty excited to discover all these wonderful new patterns on Ravelry. Now, as usual, the million dollar question is what should I cast on first?!

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