Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Love Your Library

Linking today with Snapdragon Crafts for the Love Your Library Challange.

The shawl is slowly growing, but I have just had to start another project from my library to break up the monotony of all those long garter stitch rows!

I decided on this little dress.

It is from the Hayfield Essential Baby Book (7089) and I am guessing published in the late 90s. 
I am trying a bit of an experiment, so not sure if it will look OK. I am thinking of knitting it in random stripes of these two colours - off white in Bella Baby Sugar and 'Fruit Tingle' colourway from Happy Spider. Or should I knit the skirt in Fruit Tingle and the bodice and sleeves in off white. Or some other combination. What do you think?

These have both been in my stash for a while. I love when Spotlight has a yarn sale, as you can get some great bargains! I purchased about 10 balls of the off white Sugar last year for $2 a ball.

And the Happy Spider yarn has been in my stash for about four years. I love it so much, I have been reluctant to commit it to a project.

This is Happy Spider's blog/podcast website. I don't do the podcasts - I just love to look at all the lovely yarn colourways. Such as:

This is Happy Spider's Ravelry yarn page. 
Well worth a look to see the gorgeous yarns.

And I so love this idea for felt 'paper' dolls from The Prudent Homemaker. I always loved paper dolls as a girl and these are too cute.

Look forward to seeing how you are all loving your libraries this week.


  1. Adorable "paper" dolls! I think the skirt in the variegated and the sleeves and bodice in the cream. Maybe swatch to see which looks best?

    1. That what I was thinking too. Good idea - I might knit up a swatch in stripes and see what I think. But I am leaning towards skirt in the variegated at the moment.Can't wait to see your CanCan!

  2. That yarn is absolutely gorgeous.I love bright colors.

    1. Thanks! I must admit to be a variegated addict. After sorting my stash recently, I discovered that I have very few solid colours at all!

  3. The colours of the yarn are just beautiful and I love the felted dolls too. Blessings

    1. Thanks, Terri. I thought those felt dolls were the cleverest idea!