Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Love Your Library - Getting Organised

Linking with Snapdragon Crafts for Love Your Library. A bit late this week!

February is all about getting organised, as it is no use saying you will knit from your pattern stash if you have no idea where anything is! 

My books are fairly well organised in a bookshelf, although I am pretty much working from memory as to what patterns are in each book. 

Excuse the one cookbook in there - it didn't fit in the cookbook shelf.
Magazines not so organised and don't even ask about the seemingly thousands of patterns I have printed or stored on the computer! When I first started downloading patterns from Ravelry, I had a folder called Knitting. Fair enough, seemed simple. Ah, but do you know how many free patterns there are on Rav?! And how easy it is to spend hours downloading all the lovely patterns you will absolutely, definitely be knitting very soon?! I'm sure we've all been there - into the rabbit hole that is Ravelry!

So my goal for February is to organise my computer based patterns into clearly defined folders so I can actually find them.

On the actual knitting front, still working on my shawl from last week. It is growing slowly.

I have a few UFOs floating around that I am determined to finish before I even look at another project (oh, except for the four I just queued on Rav this morning before I told myself to STOP LOOKING!)

So maybe, just maybe, I will have some FOs to post this Friday. Fingers crossed!